Why and How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing in 2024

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Email Marketing meets AI

Email marketing has been around for ages and by now we know that it works wonders. Like most digital tools, email is also evolving with changing and improving technology. Until a  decade ago, it was difficult to imagine embedding video into an email or having interactive emails. On that note, what happens when Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence- an umbrella term that covers several different technologies, like machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. 


According to Twilio: AI is a form of machine learning that has improved the way marketers and developers create engaging email campaigns. Because of it, email teams can now use AI to personalize content, predict engagement, choose optimal send times, and ultimately, drive conversions.” As such, using AI in email marketing allows email agencies to understand deep insights such as the subset lines that perform better, predicting times for recipients to open emails, the frequency between emails, which new segments to include in your email list, and how interactive are your emails with recipients, and how much more personalization is needed. 

Benefits of AI for Email Marketing

1. AI Helps Personalize Emails 

Personalization can mean the difference between a successful email marketing strategy and one that’s simply a waste of time. Emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened and deliver 6x higher transaction rates, according to a study by Campaign Monitor.

AI uses the level of engagement, behaviors, interests, and habits of customers to determine the best product recommendations, discounts, and subjects for each recipient of the list. For example, if someone visits your website and looks at a certain product but decides to not buy, AI can retarget the potential customer via email through the “Abandon Cart” flow (automated email) and inform them about a price change, discount, or if the product browsed is close to selling out.

2. AI Increases Revenue & Decreases Costs

AI tools like Optimail to monitor individual subscriber behavior for hyper-personalization, Drift Email which goes through email replies from your subscribers and takes action on those replies, and Seventh Sense which uses artificial intelligence to choose ideal delivery times for your emails are able to make it easier, better, and faster to create winning campaigns, understanding what the customer wants, increasing open and click rate which converts and produce higher money results. 

3. AI Helps in the Optimization of Email Subject Lines

When optimizing an email, the subject lines you choose for your emails are one of the most important parts of your overall strategy, it can encourage the customers to click through and read the email or be skimmed over and ignored. AI can help by tailoring subject lines with the use of natural language generation and learning the brand tone of voice and then drafting subject lines that increase opens and earn higher revenue. It can also be optimized when personalizing copy down to the individual asAI learning tech creates copy that resonates with any audience, segment, or individual. 

4. AI Helps automate email copywriting

Not only subject lines and the ideal time to send can be automated and optimized, the entire content of the email can also be automated. AI software such as Jarvis can use pre-written copy, images, promotions, blog posts, and links to generate optimized emails for a high engagement rate. This type of automation cuts down the time and resources needed to keep emails sendings.

How Klaviyo Leverages AI to Improve Email Results

Choosing an adequate automation platform is essential to leverage your email marketing strategy along with getting the most out of Artificial Intelligence. Being Platinum Partners with Klaviyo allows us to provide statistics with accurate predictive insights by using machine learning to help scale and improve marketing strategy. Using this platform helps discover the following insights on how AI performs.

1. Predictive Analytics:

AI and auto-generated predictive analytics allow to power personalization at scale, by generating insights through journey tracking and forecasting, so you can segment and automate communication based on customer behavior. Some of the analytics you can predict are next order date, lifetime value, churn risk, spending potential, automated A/B/ testing, predicated demographics, smart send time, and personalized product recommendations.


Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence

2. Custom Reports: 

  • Access real-time performance data from the same platform you use to send messages. Use this data to spot areas for improvement.
  • Gain marketing strategy insights with an in-depth analysis of historical business performance. Get access to all of your historical data, to help zero in on specific marketing channels and products.
  • See a complete and accurate picture of the revenue made by each of your marketing campaigns.

3. Benchmarking with your Peers:

Comparing data with your competitors to pinpoint areas where you excel and opportunities for growth in areas like business performance, email, SMS, or flows.


Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence


4. Advanced A/B Testing:

Even though AB testing has always been around, advanced AB testing allows AI to automatically send the winning versions to a control group.  Testing subject lines, content, design, tone, message, and send times by choosing the size of the sample of testing helps you understand what is more appealing to your customers and what to improve for future sends.


Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence


5. Acquisition Channels Value:

In order to optimize acquisition marketing, you need to know which channels are bringing the most spending customers over their lifetime. Knowing this helps you focus your efforts on the most profitable segments.


Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence


6. Identify Early VIPs:

Thanks to the predictive customer lifetime value analytics, you can identify, segment, and reach out to the customers with the highest value and engage them continuously.


Email Marketing meets AI or Artificial Intelligence


AI can help you dramatically improve and streamline your email marketing by reducing the time you spend manually analyzing big data in real-time. This streamlined process helps mean that upgrading your strategy to incorporate AI is sure to be a worthwhile investment for many years to come. If you are still unsure about how to start implementing artificial intelligence into your strategy, book a call with us and let us help you get there.

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