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Winners of the Month: high-performing ad creatives

Our talented design team creates large volumes of ad creatives for testing. From there, our strategists cull the losers and boost the winners.

Here’s a small preview of the ads that made the cut for February.

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supplements ad creative
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User-Generated Content is the fastest driver of revenue for Social Ads

But the #1 barrier that brands face is scale.


Let’s say you have created some cool, engaging ads with a creator who matches your customer avatar perfectly. At first, these will probably do quite well. So you take the next step, and you increase your spend.

But now, your ads start reaching colder and colder audiences. They don’t know your product, and they might not even be in your target audience – but they’re seeing your ad, and scrolling past it. This pushes your conversion rate on your UGC ads and ad creatives down.

This was not supposed to happen. Understandably, you’re tempted to cut your losses. But you’ve come too far for that. What you actually need is more great ads that are designed to capture colder audiences. And you need a lot of them.

Sound Familiar? Here's Why Outsourcing Your UGC Ads is the Answer:

testing ad creatives

Testing UGC ads is a numbers game.

To scale up your UGC ads, you need to create and test large volumes - potentially 100s of fresh ads a month.

sourcing ugc creators

Sourcing the right creators is hard.

The UGC creator can make or break an ad. You need reliable collaborators who will resonate with your social media audience.

managing ugc creators

...and they need to managed well.

From briefing to quality assurance and payments - dealing with multiple creators is costly and time-consuming.

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"Will this actually work?"

Mastering the art of create winning ads takes a huge amount of trial and error - a learning curve that an agency has already been through.

Remove the Guesswork by Partnering With an Experienced UGC Ad Agency Team

Hustler Marketing supports large eCommerce brands with high quality ad creatives and strategic ad management to optimize their spend and unlock new revenue streams.

Intensive, Data-Driven Competitor Analysis

to create a realistic roadmap to success

Our 9-member team comes together to analyze your competitors and your industry to figure out what’s working, what isn’t, and spot new opportunities nobody is exploiting yet.

A Winning Ads Blueprint

generating new ad revenue within just weeks

Based on their experience of what works and what fails, our team has created their own proprietary style of ads, enabling our customers to shortcut years of trial and error and skip straight to results.

The Perfect UGC Creator Recipe

leveraging an on-demand talent network

Our established network includes experienced, pre-vetted creators with a demonstrated history of success. We use that network to find people who will be able to create content that feels like a recommendation from their best friend.

Deep Experience Across eCommerce Verticals

our team works with any niche

We draw on our knowledge as a leading eCommerce email marketing agency to understand your acquisition funnel in detail. We use that knowledge to help you leapfrog your competitors and dominate your niche.

Essential resources for UGC marketing

Learn more about ad creatives and the results that brands like yours are achieving through the power of UGC marketing.

Ad creatives include image and video ads that promote products, usually on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. To stand out and drive conversions, ad creatives need to have these key features:

  • An attention-grabbing hook (for UGC video ads). This is the crucial first few seconds of your ad.
  • A UGC creator that viewers can identify with. The creator should reflect key demographic aspects of your customer avatar.
  • The right amount of information: you don’t want to overwhelm viewers with too many USPs – just enough to get them to the next stage in the buyer journey.
  • A compelling CTA in a tone of voice and editing style that feels organic (and not like an ad).

By using high quality ad creatives and video ads, we run strategic UGC ad campaigns that engage your target audience, in the online spaces they love.

Our ad creatives team works with skilled UGC content creators to generate ads for major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook & TikTok. Every ad is carefully produced and optimized according to platform-specific guidelines

No spend limits. We know each business is different, so we approach each project on a case by case basis. We will create a custom plan that fits your goals.

It takes time to launch a UGC marketing campaign, create UGC ads and test to find winners. That’s why we require a 2-month commitment. Anything shorter won’t provide the data we need to know what’s working.

UGC marketing is a demanding channel, and it can take time to strike gold. We can’t promise huge results right away, but we can promise that if we aren’t where we want to be, our team is already hard at work finding ways to turn it around. 

No, our ad creatives team is obsessive about designing winning ads, but we can’t launch them ourselves. However, we work with a partner who provides this service to our clients, ensuring continuity between creative and management processes.

You bet! We do all the legwork of sourcing, vetting, briefing and managing creators so you don’t have to. Once we discuss your needs, we hit the ground running by searching our pre-vetted creator pool to find the best match for your customer avatar.

Your brand deserves a killer UGC funnel, and we're here to help you build it.

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