High-Conversion UGC Ads at Scale

Reach new audiences and increase conversions with unskippable ad creatives that don’t feel like ads.

Minimum ad spend: $15K/month

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User-Generated Content is the New Reviews Section

Research suggests that over 75% of customers are more likely to buy a product they found through UGC. And for younger audiences especially, this type of content is more credible than any other type of brand content.


Because ad fatigue is real, and polished ads don’t get the results they used to. UGC ads do, because they don’t look, sound or feel like regular Instagram ads. A well crafted ad creative feels like a word of mouth recommendation from a friend, or a 5-star review from a verified buyer. UGC is now one of the most powerful (and most lucrative) forms of social proof. 

That’s why more and more brands are testing UGC campaigns. But getting them right isn’t easy.

Key Challenges in UGC Marketing

testing ad creatives

Testing UGC ads is a numbers game.

To scale up your UGC ads, you need to create and test large volumes - potentially 100s of fresh ads a month.

sourcing ugc creators

Sourcing the right creators is hard.

The UGC creator can make or break an ad. You need reliable collaborators who will resonate with your social media audience.

managing ugc creators

Continuous UGC creator management.

From briefing to quality assurance and payments - managing multiple creators is costly and time-consuming.

ugc ads are a distinct genre

Ad creatives are a unique genre.

Creating unskippable content that stops the scroll and converts into sales takes specialized creative talent.

Check out our CEO, Bostjan Belingar, discussing the key challenges involved in setting up a killer UGC ads funnel.

So what are ad creatives, exactly?

Ad creatives include image and video ads that promote products, usually on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. To stand out and drive conversions, ad creatives need to have these key features:

  • An attention-grabbing hook (for UGC video ads). This is the crucial first few seconds of your ad.
  • A UGC creator that viewers can identify with. The creator should reflect key demographic aspects of your customer avatar.
  • The right amount of information: you don’t want to overwhelm viewers with too many USPs – just enough to get them to the next stage in the buyer journey.
  • A compelling CTA in a tone of voice and editing style that feels organic (and not like an ad).

By using high quality ad creatives and video ads, we run strategic UGC ad campaigns that engage your target audience, in the online spaces they love.

Work with an experienced UGC ad agency team

Hustler Marketing supports large eCommerce brands with high quality ad creatives and strategic ad management to optimize their spend and unlock new revenue streams.

Dedicated Ad Creatives Team

Our in-house ad creative strategists, data analysts and video editors come together to research your brand, your audience and what others are doing in your eCommerce vertical. Then, they craft authentic, scroll-stopping content for your brand. 

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experience with different ecommerce verticals

Deep Experience Across eCommerce Verticals

We draw on our knowledge as a leading eCommerce email marketing agency to understand your acquisition funnel in detail. We use that knowledge to help you leapfrog your competitors and dominate your niche.

Creativity Driven by Data

Every decision we take is guided by the data. We take a results-oriented approach to our clients’ UGC ad portfolios, continually updating, refining and optimizing to ensure maximum return on investment.

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Hustler Marketing UGC Services

  • In-depth research on your target audience and your competitors
  • Analysis of current trends in your vertical
  • Comprehensive strategy to engage the right avatars and maximize ROI
  • Sourcing creators to match customer avatars, demographics and interests
  • Comprehensive briefing to ensure creative alignment
  • A/B testing of up multiple creators for optimal results
  • Image and video ads, optimized for multiple platforms
  • A/B testing of ad creatives to find the winners and cut the losers
  • High volume production to expand reach and increase engagement
  • Strategic ads management with Meta Ads Manager
  • Continual pruning to cut or boost ads based on performance
  • Monitoring and reporting on key metrics like ROAS, CPC and CPM

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