Hustler Marketing Is Now A Klaviyo Elite Master Partner Retention Marketing Agency

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Klaviyo Elite master Partner Email Agency

Here’s some good news to ring in November! Hustler Marketing is now officially a Klaviyo Elite Partner Retention Marketing agency. We’ve gotten here on the back of amongst other things, a strong and consistence email and SMS performance for our ecommerce clients using Klaviyo’s platform. Considering less than 0.2% of Klaviyo Partners make it to the Elite tier, this is no small feat. We’re thankful to Klaviyo for affording us this prestigious honor and recognition. It’s taken us a little over 4 years to get here so let’s dig into the background a bit…

From a Klaviyo partner to now an Elite Master Partner

To say we’ve come a long way is a cliche, but it’s true. From a small freelance setup that first downloaded Klaviyo as the ESP of choice for for the couple of stores we managed to now a mid-sized end-to-end retention marketing agency with over 80 clients on the platform, we’ve grown alongside Klaviyo’s own ascension into ecommerce royalty. 

“We’re extremely proud and happy to have become Klaviyo Elite Master after almost 5 years of fostering our professional relationship! I discovered Klaviyo back in 2018 when I was determining what was the best ESP for an ecom store I became a marketing consultant for. And ever since, they have never failed to amaze me. Whether it’s the depth and utility of their product, or their blitzkrieg growth and market domination, Klaviyo’s been a trusted partner and inspiration for all of us at Hustler Marketing. Everyone we come across from the Klaviyo team from the sales reps to support reps to VPs of marketing or partnerships directors have been nothing short of amazing in both how helpful and how positive they are. And the last, but not least… we do run some of our accounts on other ESPs than Klaviyo. But very, very few, because both ourselves and our clients realise that in the world of performance ecom retention marketing, it’s just impossible to deliver a better ESP than Klaviyo.  We’re thankful for the recognition and the honor, and we’ll keep pushing the boundaries together with Klaviyo.”
says our CEO and founder Bostjan Belingar.

What’s the Klaviyo Elite Master tier 

According to Klaviyo, “The Elite Master tier is made up of a subset of partners who have made it their core mission to be an extension of the Klaviyo team. These partners and their teams are unequivocally committed to the Klaviyo ecosystem and have proven this through:

  • Ongoing, open collaboration between both teams and leadership
  • Passing scores for all relevant certifications, across at least half of the organization
  • Superior client health and net promoter scores
  • Adoption of new product lines and features
  • A positive reputation in the community

What is Klaviyo and why we strongly recommend it as the best retention marketing platform

Needless to say, our team loves Klaviyo as the ecommerce marketing platform comes with a multitude of features and benefits that make running Email and SMS campaigns for our clients a breeze. It’s a one-stop marketing automation platform that gives your brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions, giving you the full story on every customer that visits—what makes them click, what makes them bounce, and what makes them buy. From the same platform, you can use those insights and Klaviyo’s suite of proven email and SMS templates, and advanced segments to automate personalized communications. Over time, Klaviyo even reveals what works and what doesn’t, uncovering trends that help you acquire and retain new customers while inspiring existing customers to buy again. 

What does us being a Klaviyo Elite Master mean to you as a customer?

First of all, not only is it great for us to be at the highest level of partnership with Klaviyo, it’s good news for our existing and future clients. Amongst other benefits, being an Elite partner allows us to work closely with the Klaviyo partnership team and be privy on all the latest developments, new features and product rollouts from the Klaviyo stable. The sooner we get on them, the sooner we can implement them for our client stores.  Over the last 4 years, we’ve worked with several fantastic members of the Klaviyo team closely – Phil, Allie, Liz, Stephanie, and Julie to name a few. (Don’t miss this webinar on email flows we did with Julie) working on various co-educational sessions, swapping useful resources and more. 

Secondly, being a Klaviyo Elite partner means we get invited to exclusive webinars, events, educational material and resources that help our team get even better at utilizing the platform to drive better retention marketing results for our clients.  We were a part of the Klaviyo PAC (Partner Advisory Council) last year that gave us a ringside view of Klaviyo’s own vision and plans for the future, and helped us adjust our service accordingly. On a lighter note, being a Klaviyo partner has also taken our CEO and then our team to the annual Klaviyo events at their headquarter city in Boston, US which is always a great opportunity to meet the best of ecommerce minds.


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Four years ago when we applied for a partnership, we had a handful of clients. Since then, our relationship with Klaviyo has gone from strength to strength. Within a year, as we grew both in size and MRR, we jumped to being a gold partner and then in August 2020 is when we got the coveted Platinum partner status. Now after helping Klaviyo onboard over 100 clients on the platform and generating over $500 mn in retention marketing revenue between these clients, we’re proud to be recognized as an Elite Master Partner.  Here’s to shaping the future of ecommerce marketing together, one email and SMS at a time!

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