Reasons Why Ecommerce Stores
Hire Hustler Marketing To Manage
Their Email Marketing

Hustler Marketing is an email marketing agency that serves small and medium ecommerce businesses around the globe. We tap and supercharge our clients’ revenue from email marketing with a fully outsourced solution so they can focus on their core business. In under 3 years, from a couple of freelance projects, to now a client base of over 75 online stores across 5 continents, we are growing rapidly. There are many reasons why our amazing clients prefer to engage with us to manage their email marketing needs. Here’s 10 that seem to rise above the rest.


We started
from scratch
and learned
all that we
know through
lots of practice

We didn’t enter the world of email marketing as experts. We learned it from scratch, picking up the ropes of email strategy to honing the art of copywriting to acing email design along the way. Our team has mastered the best practices of email marketing monetization through years of trials and error, and grown it to a level where it’s now second nature to us. Hustler Marketing is proud to have built on and amassed an end-to-end email marketing knowledge asset base that simply can’t be replicated.


We have a
global team
and count on
them to bring multi-cultural knowledge

We employ people from all over the world, which includes over 30 countries! Our talent harnesses the collective intelligence, work experience, and unique cultural insights from across the globe, making our team and our processes truly the standard of excellence. Our senior account managers and strategists have worked at and learned from the most advanced of companies and bring that breadth of experience to Hustler clients.


We do a design guideline
before starting

We go through an elaborate exercise of crafting design guideline for every client before we even begin creating branded emails that always convert. This ensures that client emails are always on point, on brand, and on message.


We specialise in email marketing

so our clients don’t have to

We are an Email Marketing-Only agency, which means all our focus remains on one thing alone: Optimising the best of email marketing to drive results for our client’s ecommerce stores. Unlike other agencies’ perspective that, email marketing is a “nice-to- have”, email marketing is our pure raison d’etre.


Our designs templates
are highly touted

Email marketing is part art, part science. We master both, and that reflects in the way we design and execute our client’s campaigns. The email templates we develop marry the best of visual aesthetics as well as tactical best practices for delivery, readability, and conversion.


We provide a
whole bouquet
of specialists

When you hire us, you get yourself a whole team of specialists who are the best of their class in the department they manage.

• Head of Service
• Account Manager
• Account Strategist
• Head of design
• Copywriter (Native English Speaker)
• Translator


really quite

Our monthly retainers and custom solutions/packages are reasonably priced so that you drive the optimal ROI from your email marketing investment. We’re priced lower than many of our competitors, while not compromising on our quality of service.



are part of the deal

It’s crucial that as a client, you’re always in the loop about where your email marketing stands and how our efforts are landing. To that effect, we provide timely and regular reports that are comprehensive and present hygiene metrics like email revenue, campaign and flow revenue, as well as insights into segmentation, customer response, future strategy, learnings, all in an easy to follow format.


We’re a bunch
of energetic

and fun people that are easy to work with

As your email marketing agency, we consider it important that we ease your workflow, and work efficiently with you. We deploy user-friendly project management and communication platforms that makes it easy for you to have full transparency on what we do and have an open channel of communication with us. You decide how involved you want to be. Plus, we’re always available to chat on Slack or on Zoom. Most of our clients swear by how easy we are to work with!


Our results speak
For themselves

And of course, ultimately, clients choose to work with us year on year because we get the results for them. Over the last 2 years, we have provided a positive ROI to all our clients on their investment with us. In fact, we have helped most of them grow their revenue by an average of 25%. Some can even boast of a 50-60% growth rate from our email marketing efforts. You want testimonials and referrals from our clients? No problem, just let us know. Here’s our performance report for our clients in 2020.