Viewed Collection: The Most Lucrative Email Flow You’ve Never Heard Of.

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viewed collection email flow

Email flows are like pizza toppings: every email marketer has one email flow that they can’t live without – even though they know you really need them all.

So I’d like to tell you about my personal favorite: the Viewed Collection Flow. It’s a strategic email automation that we at Hustler Marketing have come up with ourselves – and it really works.

Across numerous stores, we’ve been able to boost email flow revenue by between 5 and 10%.

Let’s start with the first question my clients ask when I bring this up.

Another Email Flow? WHY?

Picture this: a user visits your website. This person goes to a collection page (not a product page) and views it.

But that’s it. No products make it into their cart, so they don’t trigger your Added to Cart flow. The user doesn’t initiate a checkout, so Checkout Abandonment is out of the question. They don’t even view a product. Then they leave, without triggering any of your basic email flow automations.

For all intents and purposes, you have lost that person. Or, in email marketing strategist speak, the profile has left the funnel.

The Buyer Journey: a Quick Refresher

Let’s recap marketing funnels 101: customers generally go through 3 broad stages. They start by exploring, then they get down to selecting. And once they’ve learned enough to make a decision, they either buy, or leave.

The exploration phase (basically Top Of Funnel or TOFU) is as non-committal as it sounds. People visit your site to see what’s on offer. They may go a step further and read some of your blogs. Ideally, you want them to start looking at your products, but they may only get as far as viewing your collections (remember this, it’s important later).

top of funnel (TOFU)
Not this tofu.

If all goes well there, those people will move into the selection phase. Here, they begin evaluating individual products and adding them to carts.  Ideally, they should progress from there, all the way down to the third phase at the bottom of the funnel and make a purchase.

Intercepting Traffic Between “Exploration” and “Selection”

The problem, as every eCommerce marketer or founder knows all too well, is that a LOT of people stay in exploration mode. Let’s call them explorers. In fact, this segment sometimes make up around 50% of all store sessions. Now of course, you can’t make a hard sell to people in this phase. You will probably scare them away if you get too aggressive and intrusive with your popups, for example.

But all of these explorers are in the right place to receive a soft sell. Something subtle but purposeful that nudges them towards selection – or even better, helps them to leapfrog that middle stage and get straight to purchasing.

Viewed Collection Flow: the Missing Piece in Your Email Flow Strategy

With all of that in mind, our email marketing strategists have devised a smart solution that helps our clients to retarget all that traffic they would otherwise have lost.

The Viewed Collection Flow triggers when a user views a collection but takes no further action. Here’s an example of a 2-email flow we built for one of our eCommerce brands.

Viewed Collection Email Flow Part 1: We Saw You Peeking

We began by creating an email for each collection on the brand’s site. Once a profile viewed this collection, they would receive this cute, informative email about that collection:

viewed collection email flow

We included reviews to add social proof and reassure readers that what they were viewing was a genuine, high-quality product.

Viewed Collection Email Flow Part 1: The Clincher

The plan worked, and we got a bunch of conversions from the first email. But recipients who did not buy then received the second email, which contained a special offer to seal the deal.

email flow with discount

This email flow structure can take some work to set up, especially if your store has a lot of collections. The metrics here are custom metrics that aren’t shown by default in Klaviyo or other ESPs. So some coding is needed on the backend.

But remember, we’re retargeting profiles that would have just disappeared if we had not taken any action. And crucially, depending on the store, that “invisible” traffic could make up to half of your site’s total sessions.

In our experience, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

The Juice: Viewed Collection Email Flow Results

The Viewed Collection Email Flow is neat in theory. But it also WORKS.

We’ve been able to boost email flow revenue by between 5 and 10% for eCommerce brands across various niches including arts & crafts, apparel & supplements. That’s potentially an extra 10% of monthly recurring revenue from your email channel – without you lifting a finger.

As far as ROI is concerned, that’s hard to beat, and it’s making a huge difference for stores who need to make the most of every retention marketing channel. It’s innovations like this that enable us to deliver an average 22X ROI on email, and drive results that win awards (just saying).

Get in touch with our team to find out where there may be strategic holes in your sales funnel, and how our expert team can help you build a retention marketing strategy that delivers maximum bang for your buck.





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