Hustler Marketing Joins Yotpo’s Email Advisory Board in New York City

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Hustler Marketing Joins the Yotpo Email Advisory Board

Yotpo is making a serious bid for the eCommerce email throne.

The industry has seen it coming for some time, but the Yotpo Email Advisory Board (EAB) event in New York made it official. 10 of Yotpo’s agency partners came together to learn about their email product and help to direct its evolution. 

Through this initiative, Yotpo aims to build an email product that works for those who use it most. Hustler Marketing was proud to be one of the agencies invited, represented by our CEO Bostjan Belingar and MD Ákos Doleschall.

Bostjan Belingar & Akos Doleschall

Agency Partnerships: Force Multipliers for SaaS Companies

One of the keys to Yotpo’s success is their approach to agency partnerships. They’ve invested in building a strong partnership ecosystem that includes leading eCommerce marketing agencies.

Bring the Leads, Service the Leads

There are good strategic reasons for that. Email marketing companies like Hustler Marketing are important to software companies. As advisors, they serve a role in supporting R&D. They’re also key to lead acquisition, because they tend to evangelize the software they prefer using. 

And once customers are using software, they rely on agencies to support and manage it for them.

As Bostjan puts it, “we bring the leads, we service the leads”. That’s why Yotpo has worked so hard to become “the most partner centric company in the (eCommerce) ecosystem”. And it’s also one of the reasons they’re well on their way to the top of the eCommerce ecosystem.

Yotpo: Reviews Point Solution to Retention Platform & eCommerce Giant

Yotpo’s founding mission was to fight fake reviews. The platform began as a way to provide businesses with authentic, verified customer reviews.

From there, they added customer loyalty features after acquiring Swell Rewards in 2019, supported by successive rounds of funding. Investor confidence continued to grow, and in 2020 Yotpo acquired SMSBump, consolidating their position as an integrated, all-purpose eCommerce platform. Yotpo SMS was the #1 shopify SMS provider at the time, and they’re still the only fully international provider.

Hustler Marketing became a Premier Partner 2020 and began using Yotpo’s new SMS product to service our own clients. 

In 2022, Yotpo Subscriptions was launched, a product that Yotpo built in-house. Their email product was already in the pipeline and launched officially to the market in May 2023. Now it’s here, and it’s going to toe-to-toe with other large ESPs.

The First Ever Full Retention Marketing Platform

Through a combination of M&A and in-house development of their own products (visual UGC, email & subscriptions), Yotpo has grown into the first ever multi-product retention marketing platform. Brands love this because it allows them to consolidate their tech stack and cut vendor bloat. It also For agencies, Yotpo’s integrated multi-product platform provides opportunities to deepen their own service offering.

With competition in eCommerce getting stiffer and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) skyrocketing, retention is moving higher up the list of priorities for brands. Yotpo predicted this trend, and built accordingly. That’s why they’re years ahead of the curve, winning market share from single point SaaS solutions that cannot match Yotpo’s platform experience. Through the Yotpo Email Advisory Board, they have successfully brought top agencies into the conversation to help them make this experience even better – for brands and agencies alike.

Yotpo Email Advisory Board

Filling the SME Gap: Yotpo Takes Aim at the eCommerce Email Market 

At Hustler Marketing, our finger is always on the pulse of the email platform market. We’re obsessive about integrating new tools and upskilling our team to ensure we keep delivering the world-class retention marketing we’re known for. As a Klaviyo Elite Partner agency, we’ve seen Klaviyo’s meteoric rise, and its ongoing pivot towards enterprise since going public.

That pivot has made room for other platforms to target SMEs. Yotpo is aggressively targeting this whitespace, taking a bite into the $64 billion TAM for eCommerce software.

At Hustler Marketing, we’re excited to see Yotpo move from strength to strength, and to play our part in shaping the evolution of their email platform

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