Email Marketing for Men’s Clothing Online: 5 Practical Tips

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men's clothing online

Selling Men’s Clothing Online: Email Marketing Tips for Menswear Brands

The world of men’s fashion has undergone a massive transformation. eCommerce is now at the forefront of the runway.

At Hustler Marketing, we’re proud to work with awesome men’s apparel brands. As a strategic retention marketing partner, we help these brands to boost their email & SMS revenue, and even branch out into new channels like UGC ads.

Keep reading to learn how to excel in email marketing for men’s online clothing stores. We’re sharing some of our proven email marketing methods, and some actionable insights for men’s apparel brands. 

The eCommerce Boom in Men’s Fashion

Let’s face it – nobody likes waiting in lines, especially men.

The pandemic gave everyone a taste of the convenience of online shopping, and there’s no going back. Men’s online clothing stores have become a haven for those who’d rather avoid the mall madness and shop from their couch, bed, bathroom or anywhere in between!

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you’re stuck in a crowded store, holding bags while your partner tries on “just one more outfit.”

That’s why men are flocking to online shopping. The new reality is that you can buy all your necessities, luxuries and treats from pretty much anywhere. Usually, all it takes are a few taps, a face ID scan, and wham bam your clothes are on the way. And they’re increasingly relying on email to help them make these decisions.

Who’s Wearing What?

Online shopping and social media platforms have revolutionized the way brands reach and engage with consumers.

Through targeted marketing and influencer collaborations, even the simplest products can gain immense popularity.

My favorite example of this is the $95 white tee from the hit TV show, “The Bear.”

$95 seems like an insane amount of money for a plain white t-shirt, but this simple tee became a sensation. Some will say because of its quality fabric and craftsmanship. But realistically, it’s because of how cool the character looked wearing it. This is what influencer marketing is at its finest—turning everyday items into must-haves through sheer charisma.

The store that retailed this t-shirt experienced a significant increase in sales after the show, “The T-shirt thing was like the perfect storm of the simplest possible product that can go viral”.

So, How do You Win With Men’s Clothing Online?

1. Keep It Personal

Believe it or not, men love to feel special too. And with the right tools, you can make content that feels like it’s made just for them. Everyone knows that mails with personalized subject lines get more clicks, but personalization is a lot deeper than {{name}}. It’s about knowing your readers well enough to understand what will really speak to them: humor, aspiration, challenge – or a combination of all three.

Here’s an email that reads its audience well. The email combines some simple storytelling with fun, easy-to-read copy that invites the reader to see himself in the banner image.

email for men's clothing online

Use your readers’ browsing and purchase history to send emails that hit the mark. Men prefer simple and to-the-point designs, so make sure your emails reflect that.

2. Highlight the Convenience

Men appreciate anything that saves time.

Emphasize the ease of online shopping—no lines, no crowds, just quick, hassle-free purchases. Convenience and accessibility are major factors driving the growth of men’s fashion online, so make sure to highlight these benefits.

3. Show Off the Goods

Men’s fashion is about practicality and style.

Use high-quality images and clear descriptions to show how your products can enhance their daily lives. A seamless user experience is key to converting visitors into customers, so make sure your site is top-notch.

4. Optimize for Mobile

Most men shop on their phones.

Ensure your emails and website are mobile-friendly to make the shopping experience seamless. Mobile optimization is crucial for attracting and retaining male customers, so invest in a responsive design.

And last, but definitely not least,

5. User-Generated Content

Team up with UGC Creators who can really showcase your brand.

Unlike influencers, UGC ads feature real customers showing off your products, creating genuine and relatable endorsements. They bring authenticity to your brand and bridge the gap between big brands and consumers. Remember that $95 white tee? Well, you don’t need an award-winning TV show to tell a T-shirt — sometimes all it takes is a compelling UGC script, dedicated account managers, expert creatives, and measurable results.

Or Better Yet, Let Us Do It for You!

At Hustler Marketing, we know that marketing to men is a unique game. Our expert team has a low AM-to-client ratio, so we can really give your brand the focused attention it deserves. We’ve worked with top men’s brands and have been recognized as the best retention marketing agency for EMEA in 2024.

Our approach is tailored to the specific nuances of men’s apparel marketing, ensuring that your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Hustler Marketing Services for Online Men’s Apparel Brands

  • Personalized email campaigns and flows that use browsing and purchase history to send targeted messages, ensuring both relevance and engagement. In fact, our clients receive an average ROI of 22x from their spends on email marketing with us*.
  • Tailored UGC scripts that align with personal brand and voice, bringing authenticity and trust. This increases engagement and conversion rates by making the promotion feel more genuine and relatable.

As a young, global team, we’re all about helping ambitious brands achieve their marketing goals, from retention marketing to UGC and social media advertising. 

We understand that very well – many of our email marketing experts are probably in your target audience themselves.

So let’s go and make somebody’s day.

Ready to take your eCommerce marketing up a notch? Book a call with our experts today.

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