Men’s $7-figure shorts brand drives nearly 40% revenue with email and SMS at over 100x ROI within just a year with


Bamboo Ave is largely a one product line but in no way is it a one-hit wonder. The D2C store which wet its feet with email marketing just shy of two years is now making an average of a consistent 40% revenue with email marketing and 6.2% with SMS marketing (in its pilot stage).

Here’s a snapshot of the results Bamboo Ave has seen with retention marketing since Hustler Marketing came abroad as their retention marketing agency in April 2021.


From email


In Email Revenue YoY

average SMS
Repeat Purchase Rate

About the company

Started by serial entrepreneurs, Mariah and Tray, a self-confessed travel hungry couple, Bamboo Ave sells sustainable active and casual wear shorts for men. Dubbed to be the “most comfortable” shorts on the planet, Bamboo Ave caters to the discerning free-spirited souls that prefer comfort and value sustainability for their choice of everyday and active wear.

The Strategy

Kickstarting their retention marketing journey

Bamboo Ave onboarded us to kickstart their retention marketing journey after experiencing success with one of their other stores that’s also managed by us.

Bamboo Ave doesn’t believe in a heavy-discounting model. Instead it drives first-time visitors to the website with social media, tiktok and paid ads. Once the users visit the website, customized popups help acquire the customer’s first-party data such as email and phone number which are then used to put the customer in personalized flows for both emails and texts. Bamboo Ave has several unique paths for their subscribers: a welcome series, abandoned cart, a review request and even an instructional flows, the most successful being the welcome and the abandon flow series.

Nailing the right campaign look n’ feel

The Bamboo Ave emails are designed to inspire a feeling of freshness, travel and
fun. After a thorough consultation with the brand, we developed meticulous copy and design guidelooks that help streamline and craft the right messages that make the brand instantly identifiable to its loyal and engaged customer base and helps build a brand.

15% avg monthly revenue from automated flows

Starting with automated messaging enabled by Klaviyo, the brand has over ten automated flows that trace the customer funnel from the site visit until post-purchases. The flows are modelled on the flows by another of their brands which were set-up by us and continued to bring in over 20% email revenue for the other brand.
Bamboo Ave drives 11-15% of their overall revenue from these flows, some of which were redesigned by us keeping in mind the brand’s unique style, tone of voice and conversational style of communication

Regular email campaigns

20% average monthly revenue

We manage Bamboo Ave’s retention marketing on a retainer basis which entails management of regular email and SMS marketing campaigns. A unique campaign is sent out twice a week that leverages a lot of educational content about the brand’s core values, the product’s intrinsic features, and also fun content incorporating a lot of custom-made gifs that keep the emails breezy and fun.

6.2% Average Revenue from Automated Texts And campaigns on SMS Pilot

Given the size and the high-engagement level of Bamboo Ave’s customer list, SMS was a no-brainer to complete the retention marketing loop so we started an SMS pilot at a small scale. Currently the brand only collect phone numbers at the checkout page and has a couple of flows enabled. Despite a small pilot, the store consistently good results from the low-effort-high-ROI channel. We
use a combination of email and SMS campaigns at a cadence that makes sense for the brand given the urgency of the message, the season, offers, and the content itself.

19% Campaign Email Revenue in non-season months vs 13% in High-Season

Bamboo Ave is by and large a seasonal product – summers are the peak season for shorts and the brand doubles down on advertising during the summer months (April-July) and conversely, reduces ad spend and frequency of sending emails considerably towards the end of July/early august. While this kept the overall store and therefore email revenue low for the store on average, email revenue continued to outform the revenue trajectory of the store in high vs low season. While the brand drove 13% campaign revenue during its $7 figure/mo months, it drove 19% from campaigns even during the low season, keeping sales going without any ad spend and a campaign ROI of over 60x.

What’s next for Bamboo Ave?

With email and SMS going strong for this much-loved brand, Bamboo Ave has recently launched its tshirt collection. The brand aims to double down on the right mix of retention marketing tools and add and optimize more flows to promote the new offering.

Client Speak


Hustler Marketing has been pivotal in our email strategy for the past 2 years and created our flows and templates from scratch. Hustler Marketing is able to design world-class emails that exceed our high standards when it comes to the look and feel. For the price we pay, there's no other email marketing agency around that can deliver these results. They truly care about our business & are always on top of their game!

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