Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Best Emails to Boost Revenue in 2023

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Valentines Day Email Marketing Best Emails to Boost Revenue in 2023

The first big marketing event of the year is upon us: Valentine’s Day. In 2022, Valentine’s Day spending reached $23.9 billion, winning the spot as the second-highest year on record, according to the National Retail Federation. The number is only expected to get higher this new year. Tis’ the season to start working on your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing strategy to make sure you make the most out of the gifting season! Here are a few Valentine’s email examples that will enchant your audience and boost revenue this 2023.

1. Curate email gift guides for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about gifting. And being just out of the holiday season, people crave suggestions on which gifts to get their loved ones. Therefore, take the time to curate unique gift guides for your customers. 

valentine's day email marketing gift guide example for apparel


This is a great email marketing campaign angle that you can adjust to any industry and brand. Make sure your brand’s voice is easily identified in your copy and design. Don’t wait too long to start sending gift guides. Consider your shipping times and give your subscribers enough time to shop. 

email campaign gift guide for couples

2. Create promotional Valentine’s Day emails

A great way to boost conversions this Valentine’s Day with email marketing is through promotional emails! There are many ways to go about this, but this time we’ll share three that work great for this date. 

Create a Valentine’s Day bundle and give a discount on it! A bundle that includes things that both people in a couple may enjoy together is a great idea. It can go from simple ‘his and hers towels to sensual gifts, which are rising in popularity.

valentine's day email marketing promotional email template bundle

Less is more! Your subscribers will get bombarded with Valentine’s Day emails, so make sure yours are eye-catching and focused on your call to action. Leave no room for confusion: this is the product, what it does, the offer, and here’s the button for you to get it.

best promotional emails for valentines

Shipping and delivery deadlines are essential for this marketing event. Include in Valentine’s Day email marketing strategy angles that push on FOMO and LAST CHANCE angles. A great way to do this is by offering free express shipping when deadlines are getting closer to the big date! 

valentines day email marketing campaign example

3. Celebrate non-romantic love too

According to the National Retail Federation, 47% of people didn’t plan to celebrate Valentine’s day in 2022. With the market being flooded with a new batch of Gen Z-ers every year, we can only expect this percentage to rise. 

Nowadays, people also focus on celebrating non-romantic love like friendship, self-love, and familial love. Identify if this is the case for your target audience, and curate content for them. 

A fun way to do so is with a Galentine’s Day email! Instead of catering just to romantic couples, you are now opening your window for conversions to people that want gifts for their friends! If they aren’t planning to do so, you will give them a nice idea to try out this year.

galentines day email examples

During February, you can also celebrate Singles Awareness Day. This day was created to remind people that they don’t always need to celebrate Valentine’s Day and romantic love. But they can love themselves, their friends, and their families. 

Take this special modern date as a chance to keep the celebration going throughout February!

Single Awareness Day email campaign 2023

Got inspired? Check out last year’s best Valentine’s Day email campaigns that celebrated non-romantic love


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