5 Of The Best Valentines’ Day Email Campaigns That Are Celebrating Non-Romantic Love This Year

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best of valentines' day email campaigns

It’s that time of the year again.  Valentine’s day is upon us, and whether you believe in the day or not, the truth is that it’s one of the busiest times for ecommerce.  Any holiday associated with celebrating your loved ones and gifting poses a great opportunity for ecommerce sales to shoot up. The National Retail Federation reported that Valentine’s day sales will total about $23.9 billion in 2022, up from $21.8 million from 2021 and 40% of these spends will happen online. So, is your brand all set to delight the gift lovers with some timely and well curated email campaigns?

But wait a second! Does Valentines’ day always have to be about a romantic lover, roses, rings and wine and dine? What if we twisted things around and broadened the scope of love…After all, love comes in all shapes, sizes, relationships and species. So taking a departure from the conventional “boy loves girl” valentines’ day story, we present you best Valentine’s day email campaigns that focussed on another kind of love. They celebrated the love between parents and kids, pets and pet their owners, furniture as love, and of course self love. Valentine’s day is right around the corner and inboxes all around are clamouring for attention in the inbox of their target audience.  Maybe the difference between the other stores and a great store is one that doesn’t only tell a story, but changes the narrative altogether.  So here’s us powering a few email marketing campaigns that aim to present love in a refreshing and empowering way this year.

1. Baby clothes brand celebrating the love between parents and babies

There’s barely a love more pure and selfless than the one parents feel for their lil ones. This baby clothing store celebrates all that and more on Valentine’s day and curates some of the most lovable onesies and baby blankets this Valentine’s day with this adorable email campaign.

Baby clothing store valentines day email campaign

2. Pet harness brand celebrating the love between you and your dog

The love between a pet and their parent is only second to the one between a child and their parent, if that. For some people, which may or may not include this author, a pet is their one true love. So why won’t you go all out and spoil those adorable furry creatures silly on the most lovey time of the year? Move over diamond rings and roses because the pet people are proclaiming their love for their furry babies with the best belts and harnesses money can buy and this email is here for it.

Dog harness brand valentines day email campaign

3.  Furniture store that celebrates a piece of furniture called the loveseat

Even though this lovely two-seater couch was termed a “loveseat” for obvious reasons, this piece of furniture itself is good enough to love and dedicate some loving to on Valentines’ day! After all, if you can sit on a loveseat more comfortably than on the lap of a lover, who’s better? This furniture store tells you to do that exactly that and it celebrates the well, loveseat.


furniture store valentines day email marketing campaign


4.  Cosmetics store celebrating  the love for your  mane

“Love is in the hair” and this beauty brand knows that! So our email strategists pulled out this amazing tribute to loving your hair by showcasing the best of hair care products to show how much you love your ‘mane’.

beauty store valentines day email marketing campaign

5. Custom jewelry brand celebrating self-love

“Happiness and self love are inter-connected” says this beautiful campaign for a custom jewelry store. Those are some powerful words. Valentine’s day, if an artificially created, but just a valid day to show yourself you love yourself as much as you love the others around you. And maybe it’s always the perfect excuse to buy yourself that ring, that dress, that bottle of wine, or that trip around the world…or a ring to celebrate that trip around the world, like this custom jewelry store does.

custom jewelry store valentines day email marketing campaign


Looking for some help to tell powerful stories, engage your customers and turn them into lifelong patrons? Get in touch with us at Hustler Marketing and help us create some email love for you, valentine’s day or otherwise.

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