Knowing your customers can save you a bunch of $$$

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Since you’re selling online, I bet you’ve never actually met the vast majority of your customers. Of course, you might have an idea of your customer avatar, but if you don’t use any tools to determine that, then it’s just worthless guessing. 

And trust me, it’s vital to know your buyers very well. Otherwise, a lot of decisions you make — website changes, production and even ads you buy can be wasteful.⚠️

?Luckily there are plenty of platforms that can tell you exactly who are your customers.

One of the most well known and, most importantly, free to use tools is Google Analytics. If you are not using it yet, you are losing a great deal of high value analytical information. It is a very powerful tool that has considerable functionality. But let‘s just walk through some of the most important features which can help reveal your actual ideal customer avatar.

? Age. One of the main things that you have to know about your customers, age can be very useful while setting up ads or emails. For example, if your customers are older people you’ll want to consider using larger text, larger padding and a focus on security proofs.

Important note: pay special attention to the revenue made by each age group. It‘s a common situation when the website has most users from one age group, but a different one makes the most revenue. In the end, you obviously want to focus on those who make you the most money.?

?‍?‍? Gender. This one is very important for every targeting strategy. Targeting based on gender preferences is a cost-effective way to customize your offering.  If you know that most of your customers are males or females you can choose to promote your ads on Facebook only for them. Or create different ads for each gender. Once again pay more attention to the buyers rather than visitors

? Interests. This is crucial while making content for your newsletters or any other campaigns. If you know what interests your customers, there is a bigger chance that you will make proper contact with them. This is very important if you want to build a decent brand and have repeated customers (which are extremely valuable!).

? Location. You might know this one already if you check where you are shipping. But seeing this in a clear analytical table can be very useful. Maybe you will notice that it‘s worth having a delivery center in another country or have a variation of your website in another language.

? New vs Returning visitors. As I have said before repeat customers are extremely valuable. They have a much bigger conversion rate and they are the ones who usually leave reviews and recommend your store to others. Do everything you can to make these customers happy. This trend alone is very important for email marketing. If your returning customer percentage is high, you’re almost guaranteed to get high email marketing revenue too if you do it right.

? Device. Nowadays most people are browsing through their mobile devices, but buy using the desktop. This shows that the majority of websites have unclear checkout through mobile screens. And switching devices to complete the order can be distracting and result in losing some sales. So you have to make sure that your website, as well as all the content you create, looks really good and secure on mobile.

If you combine all this data, you will know exactly how your ideal customer avatar looks like. With this data you can create more effective ads, targeting the right audience with better CVR.?

 ❗ Tip: While checking the metrics, choose at least the last 90 days interval to have more accurate data.

 What Google Analytics’ insights have made an important shift in your strategy lately? comment below to let us know!



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