Hustler Marketing Helps Trailblaze Email Marketing’s Next Steps

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We all see trends, sometimes just as they happen. But even better is to be part of building one, and seeing it rise from foundation to ground floor and upward.

Klaviyo responded to profound changes in data-driven retail by building revolutionary software. It’s since left competitors in the dust. Hustler Marketing saw what was happening, added its own ideas, and is now a Klaviyo Gold Partner.

Klaviyo invited Hustler to the first and now the second annual conference in Boston.  It wasn’t just any software conference. So Hustler sent an entire team to join 800 of the most elite ecommerce and email marketing professionals. There we brainstormed the future of owned media, owned marketing and owned revenue.

Upon our return we began implementing new ideas that are part of the changing face of retail marketing and automation. It’s exciting and challenging stuff, but if the climb weren’t so steep, the view from the top wouldn’t be as grand.

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