How To Create A Landing Page On Your Ecommerce Store To Collect Customer Emails

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Today more than ever email marketing has become one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing world. You have heard about the new Apple and Google updates – soon marketers will have to rethink their digital marketing strategies to start collecting first-party data as third party data will become harder and more unreliable than ever. And with all the first party data you collect, the best channel to connect with your audience is through email, driving new leads through sign-up forms, and landing pages. So let’s talk about the landing page in details.

What is a Landing Page?

Let’s start defining what a landing page is. A Landing page is a standalone web page that is created for marketing and advertising purposes. Creating new leads and engaging with existing prospects of your e-commerce store are some of the goals and benefits a landing page can give you.

The design of your landing page will be the key point of success to keep people’s attention on doing what they have to do on the landing page to reach your goal. So here I will be sharing some tips and best practices on how to create a winning landing page for your e-commerce store.

Tips for creating and designing a Landing page:


1. Keep it simple: This can sound cliche but, less is more! You don’t want people to get distracted with so much information and buttons where to click. You want them to fill in the information you want and then go. 

2. Straight to the point copy: Make sure your audience knows exactly what they have to do and what they are going to win for filling out the form. 

3. Have incentives: Ok, let’s be honest! People don’t do anything for free. Offer them a discount on their next purchase. It can be whatever you want, just to reward them for helping you fill out the information you need. 

4. Thank them: It is super important that you thank the visitor for filling out the sign-up form. Always have a success message after they press your CTA at the end of the form. We are human beings and we love to feel the connection with others. What better way to do it than having a success message with a “thank you for helping us out!” 


5. Social proof: Sometimes people can be a little hesitant taking the first step on unknown websites. Assuage their concerns and help them feel secure enough to share their data with you, by showing them testimonials, images, reviews of happy customers, case studies, statistics or anything that you feel can give the audience social proof about your store.

6. Engaging CTA: Have one button with a great CTA, something that encourages the audience to click and submit the form. Make the button eye-catching and easy to read.

CTA button email

If you are not sure how to start and what to use, you can always reach out to us. Here at Hustler Marketing, we know how to create amazing landing pages and how to integrate them into your email marketing strategy. 

How to integrate your landing page with your email marketing strategy?

First of all, you have to establish your goal. What are you going to reach with this landing page? Make the visitors buy something? Grow your list? Enter a giveaway? Fill out a form? Download an e-book or a PDF?

Once you have this clear, your strategy will depend on that goal. Here we will share with you two different ways in which you can use your landing page to reach your goal. 

1. Use your email marketing strategy to drive traffic to your landing page

Here the idea is to send emails announcing that you have this landing page and drive all the traffic of your email list to your landing page. With the purpose to make the audience do any of these things: 

  • Download an e-book or a PDF.
  • Enter a giveaway.
  • Fill out a form/quiz.
  • Buy something.
  • Product Launch 


2. Use your landing page to collect and generate new leads for your email marketing strategy → The main goal is to grow your list and engage more people with your emails. Basically, you have to promote your landing page through social media, SEO, or any other digital marketing channel to make these new leads subscribe to your email list. For example, this is useful for: 

  • Subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Have early access to an offer. 
  • Get to know you more

The tip for this 2nd strategy is to create a flow and make all those leads receive nurturing content about your store, the offers, the benefits of the products you sell, your story, etc. All of this is to keep them active and engage with your e-commerce store.

As a digital marketer, I know how challenging this online world could be. But I’m not afraid of it, the Apple iOS data privacy updates and Google updates are just one more step to learn and grow. As I just showed you in this article, we have plenty of digital tools and strategies that can help us to be incredibly amazing in the e-commerce world. 

Seems like it is time to get to work! 

Would you rather that experts do the landing page creation and then drive the whole email marketing engine going for you? Book a free call with us. We will be happy to look into your store and find out what is the best strategy for you.

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