Email Marketing Content Writing: 8 digital tools to come up with great email content ideas

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Coming up with more than 12 different email content ideas for each of our clients on a monthly basis is not always the easiest task. Not only that,  these need to be great engaging and revenue-boosting email ideas. So, if you are a store owner or a marketer, believe us, we feel your pain. However, after working with 100+ eCommerce store brands, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Email Marketing Content Writing is a process. You can’t just sit idle and write engaging copy from nowhere. You need a strategy that’s based on data and insights, so check these 8 digital tools to come up with great email marketing content ideas like clockwork… PLUS a free email content calendar template with all of 2022’s holidays (we use it here at Hustler Marketing on a daily basis).  


1. SimilarWeb1SimilarWeb- Digital Content Writing Tool

Similar Web is a platform that allows you to search for a website and find insights about:

  • Online ranking
  • Traffic and engagement
  • Audience demographics and interests
  • Marketing Channels Distribution
  • Keyword Search, Referral, Advertising, and Social Media Traffic
  • Integrations

2Audience Interests - Email Marketing Content Strategy - Similar Web

You can either look for your own website or even more useful, you can search for your competition’s insights and build up from that. Or you can compare two different websites at once.

3Compare Brands - Email Marketing Audience Demographics

Check what your direct competitors’ audiences (that are probably yours too) are looking. Develop content ideas for your own email marketing strategies from there.

Let’s see how this art eCommerce shop has taken advantage of this tool.

4Audience Interests Word Cloud - Email Marketing Content Ideas

As you can see in the following image, this store’s audience is obviously interested in home design, but also we see they also search for information about specific colors. Therefore, we can assume that they could be interested in color psychology or tips on how to decorate their home around certain color. With this information, this brand created a color psychology series where they showcase their products.

5.11SimilarWeb_AudienceInterests_BestEmailTemplateBlack      5.21SimilarWeb_AudienceInterests_BestEmailTemplatePink     5.31SimilarWeb_AudienceInterests_BestEmailTemplateYellow

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that enables data collection, analysis, and visualization from website traffic as well as reporting and integration with other apps. This web analytics service can help your brand identify the trends and behaviors of your customers and leads, by giving you a starting point from where to start more in-depth research.

6Google Analytics - Insights Audience - Email Marketing

This platform has many useful features, but for email content writing demographics, interests, and content drilldown are the most important ones. 

  • Demographics: This feature allows you to identify the location, gender, and age of your audience. 
  • Interests: Here you can check the in-market and affinity audiences interests of your users. This is the one that is going to allow you to come up with relevant ideas for your email angles. 
  • Content drilldown: This section allows you to identify your most popular blog content and trending collections. Take the chance to repurpose your blog posts into emails or to create educational emails for the trending categories or products.

This post-cancer-surgery bras brand did its research and launched an educational email campaign for their “Mastectomy” collection. 

7Google Analytics- Content Drilldown - Email Content Ideas

8 GoogleAnalytics_EmailDigitalContentWritingExample

To see step-by-step how to use each of these Google Analytics features for your email marketing content writing, check one of our most popular articles: How To Plan Your Email Content Strategy Using Insights About Your Target Audience.

3. Really Good Emails


Really Good Emails is a website that aims to showcase the best of email design, strategy, and copy from an over 10,000+ email library. You can browse through the website in order to get inspiration. And the cool thing is that you can filter the emails by:

  • Behavioral Emails
  • Inaugural campaigns
  • Promotional
  • Miscellaneous
  • Industry
  • Punctual
  • Enhancement

4. The Hustler Marketing BlogThe Hustler Marketing Blog - eCommerce Email Marketing Agency - Retention Marketing

Hustler Marketing is a DFY (Done-For-You) retention email marketing agency that serves eCommerce stores around the globe. Every week, we pour our marketing expertise, creative strategies, and a metrics-backed approach into a blog post that will help you fuel your own strategy.

Some of our most popular articles include:

5. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a digital marketing tool that allows you to search for a keyword (this could be about a specific topic, brand, or product). The platform processes autocomplete data from search engines like Google and quickly provides you with useful phrases and questions people are asking around your keyword. 

This way you can get right into what’s going on in your audience’s mind and write content around the results. Let’s see an example. If we type “supplements” into the search bar, this is what shows up:

13Email Marketing Content Ideas

As you can see, one of the most important pain points for a supplements e-commerce store’s email marketing strategy is to put its audience’s mind at ease about the possible negative effects of its product. This brand understood its audience and added reassuring information to its Welcome Flow emails.


This is an interesting exercise you should put your brand through for an easier email marketing content writing process. 

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo - Digital Content Writing for email campaigns

BuzzSumo is similar to the previous tool we mentioned. Buzz Sumo is a cloud-based platform that allows you to discover the best content opportunities for your brand, as well as to discover new keywords, trending stories, customer questions, and content success, all to make your email marketing content writing easier. 

Just type a keyword, brand, topic, URL, or domain in the search bar and find a ton of related high-engagement articles that can help spark your creativity for a new email campaign idea. 

16Content Analyzer - BuzzSumo - Email Marketing Content Strategy

One of the e-Commerce brands we manage at Hustler specializes in bamboo clothing. If we type this in BuzzSumo, we get the following content insights:

Email Marketing - Bamboo Clothing - Content Insights

This is just one screen of all the hundreds of results. One of the most repetitive topics ¡is how to wash bamboo clothing. Therefore, it’s important for this brand to share this information with its subscribers (especially with first-time buyers, who may not be familiar with bamboo fabrics). Check this email from their Post-Purchase Flow, which answers this pain point. 


7. Mail Charts

Mail Charts is a platform that allows you to see a lot of data about the email marketing strategies of other brands. This way you can see what your competitors are doing and get on the wave or differentiate yourself from them.

Some of the insights Mail Charts share are:

  • Latest emails
  • Sending behavior
  • Popular subject lines
  • Benchmarks
  • Email Campaigns Calendar (campaigns frequency)
  • Email Marketing Flows Insights

Email Charts - Email Marketing Benchmarks

8. Google Trends

Google Trends is a platform that pulls the data from Google searches in order to give insights into the frequency of the search of certain terms. You can even filter based on country, time frame, categories, and languages. It also shows topics and queries related to the keyword entered in the search.

If you search a term related to your business, you can find topics your users are searching for that can be relevant to your content strategy. Let’s see an example of the word: “skincare”.

People that are looking for skincare topics are also searching for information about Hailey Bieber and Scarlett Johanson. It’s a good idea to share how to do their skincare routines with the products you offer through an email campaign. 

Google Trends - Skincare email marketing content ideas

Now, on to another example. Let’s type in the keyword “makeup”, in the related queries we’ll find “makeup brushes”. 

Makeup brand - Email Marketing Content ideas

When clicking into the makeup brushes query, we find that a related rising query is “best makeup brushes for beginners”. If the searches on a topic are rising, then it’s a great content idea for your email marketing strategy.

Makeup Ecommerce Store Email Campaign Ideas


If you are an apparel eCommerce store, check an example of how to use this tool in our How To Plan Your Email Content Strategy Using Insights About Your Target Audience article. 


Free Email Campaigns Content Calendar 2022.

Plan your Email Marketing Content for the year with this free email marketing campaigns/content calendar (we already pre-filled it with all 2022 holidays). 

24free email marketing campaigns:content calendar - 2022 marketing holidays

Constantly researching on and coming up with great email marketing campaigns sounds like a chore and you’d rather have the experts do it for you? We’ve got your back. Get in touch with us and let’s see how we practice what we advise here on your own account to create some campaign magic!

Belén Loaiza Ruiz

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