200+ Great Email Subject Lines For Ecommerce Stores That Work For All Flows & Campaigns

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Email Subject Lines For All Flows And Campaigns That Work

At the very heart of a great email is a great subject line. They should get the recipient excited, wanting or simply intrigued and enable them to decide whether to open the email or not. (of course your brand name matters too.)

Think of them as little teasers that the movie that is the email is about to unravel.

So, as email marketing experts, we cannot stress the importance of great subject lines enough.

But we get it, coming up with a great subject line every single time you draft an email campaign is a chore, and one that’s not always so giving. Sometimes the inspiration runs low, or we all face the writers’ block every now and then. Plus, with all the restrictions in place with the length, the characters you can or can’t use, and not giving away too much in a subject line, but also not keeping it too generic, the task becomes even harder.

But dear email marketing manager, fear not, we got you. We have drummed up thousands of subject lines working with 60 ecommerce clients, and today we’re sharing some with you! These subject lines are divided on the basis of the kinds of emails, content, and occasion they can go with. By and large, your subject lines should represent and reflect the brand voice and tonality of the email. Make them funny, punny, witty, and add emojis for added fun. You can even play around with the prehader to add more context or complete the subject line.

You can use them as they are, or you can twist and improvise and make them your own. Whatever you do, you should definitely bookmark this blog post because where else will you find a handy glossary of 200+ subjectlines (and counting)! In fact, more than a blog, this will be a living document where we will add subject lines on a regular basis and make sure that we’re also capturing all the trends! (Hey Gen z hashtags, we’re looking at you!)

Just a disclaimer that while we’ve attempted to cover a lot of the “evergreen” subject lines, you should also factor in subject lines that are contextual to the brand or topical in terms of a trending topic for the time.

So let’s get right into these 200+ Great Email Subject Lines That Work!

Subject Lines As Per Different Klaviyo Flows or automated emails

We’ve already covered that flows are the automated system of emails that are triggered based on a certain customer behaviour or a pre-determined criteria.

Welcome Flow

When a customer enters their email into your email-collection pop-up box, and gets the first email immediately into their inbox, that’s a welcome email. This is one of the most important flows and usually sets the precedent for your relationship with the customer. So here are some tried and tested subject lines for the various flows.

  1. Great to have you here!
  2. We are with you through this process
  3. Don’t learn from us, learn with us
  4. Fancy having you here!
  5. So glad you joined us!
  6. This is going to be a wild ride
  7. Welcome to the <brand x> family
  8. %FIRSTNAME%, so good to have you join the <brand x> family


Cart Abandoned Flow

The Abandoned Cart event happens when a customer has added items to their cart but never clicked on “checkout” option.

(Check out our comprehensive and exclusive white paper on all the “abandon” flows.)

  1. A slight change in your cart order
  2. We have a gift inside
  3. One last chance– will you take it? 💫
  4. You know you want it 😏
  5. I thought we had something special 💔
  6. Hey, is this yours?
  7. The cart is feeling lonely without you
  8. Finish what you started
  9. A full cart is only half the joy
  10. Magic: Turn your cart into a gift box!
  11. Rescue your ca(r)t now!
  12. Found! An abandoned cart on our store. Is it yours?


Birthday Flow

  1. %FIRSTNAME%, A birthday gift from us to you
  2. Here’s a birthday gift for %FIRSTNAME%
  3. Growing older is fun when it comes with a 25% off!
  4. Have your birthday party on us!
  5. We’re gonna make sure you enjoy your birthday.
  6. Go shorty! We give a f*** it’s your birthday.
    (OK, i admit we’ve never actually used this one before, but hey we can’t wait to!)
  7. It’s your birthyay! Enjoy the 15% off
  8. Here’s a gift for the birthday boy/girl
  9. You give yourself the best gifts!


Browse Abandon Flow

  1. What you looking at?
  2. We saw you looking at these
  3. We love your taste in our clothes
  4.  How rude!
  5. Excellent choice, keep going…

(Open it with “How rude to leave your cart hanging like that….)


Checkout Abandon Flow

  1. Are you sure that you don’t want this?
  2. Going, going, (will soon be) gone!
  3. Your cart is waiting rather sadly 🙁
  4. The cart is feeling lonely without you
  5.  You could be trendy, but you abandoned your cart :/
  6. Hey %firstname%, you don’t wanna miss this..
  7.  Did you run into some issues while checking out?
  8. What happened there?
  9. Damn! You were so close…
  10. Your order is waiting to go
  11. Was that distraction worth the <insert checkout item>?
  12. Good things don’t last!
  13. Good things come to those who check out
  14. Take no action and lose everything
  15. Fine, waste your hard work of hours 😞


Reengagement Flow

  1. We miss you, %firstname%
  2. %firstname%, we haven’t seen you in a while
  3. Hello, remember us?
  4. We need your help 😞
  5. 👋 This is where we say goodbye
  6. Is it really all over?
  7. Well, we had a good run
  8. Thanks for all the memories
  9.  We were made for each other 🙁
  10. Is this it?
  11. Take me back?
  12. What went wrong?
  13. All okay, dear?


Post Purchase Flow

  1. Your order just made a difference
  2. Your order just saved some more land
  3. This is the beginning of something special
  4. A little story about your <item purchased>

Email Subject Lines for ecommerce campaigns and newsletters

So, here’s the tricky part. Usually all subject lines for campaign or a newsletter are derived from the content of the email itself or depends on a particular occasion. When it comes to campaign email subject lines, the world is your oyster! Go crazy. Here’s some of the subject lines we have used for campaigns introducing a new collection.

  1. Turn your yard into an oasis. Shop outdoor furniture
  2. 99 people out of 100 will love…
  3. Thank you for inspiring us.
  4. A dermat-approved skincare regime just for you!
  5. 2021 Trend: Neutral & Pink
  6. Eco-conscious looks good on you 🌎
  7. These fall decor vibes are a huge mood
  8. Fall in love with yourself ☀️
  9. Fearless accessories. Undeniable memories.
  10. Take memories with you, {{ first_name|title|default:‘mate’ }}!
  11. Show off your inner light
  12. We make being healthy easy
  13. Things got a little crazy… 😳
  14. We’ve got you covered.
  15. 👀😋 Don’t miss out…
  16. They said it couldn’t be done
  17. That sold-out item you loved is back in stock!
  18. “You look different.”
  19. “We’ve turned 13 today, but…”
  20. We’ve got some NEW for you!
  21. Do this by end of the day
  22. Lounge-worthy sofas ➡ in stock & ready to ship
  23. Let’s celebrate Earth Day, every day.
  24. Favorite canvases of the month 🖌️
  25. Here’s what the top selling items this week are
  26. A Bra That Closes Up Front 💛
  27. 3 reasons Daymond loved us.
    (This one’s specific to an ecommerce store that was on Shark Tank.)

Here’s some subject lines for newsletters for ecommerce brands

  1. Breaking the taboo around XX
  2. Don’t do this before bed!
  3. How Vitamin C Helps Sensitive Skin
  4. Top 10 furniture trends this year
  5. Put Lighting Physiological Effect to Use
  6. How zodiac affects interior design
  7. Monday is canceled
  8. Fight climate change, save lives.
  9. The Big Power of Small Joys
  10. 7 Powerful Plants to Keep You Healthy

Like we said, this is a living list and it’ll keep growing so keep checking back from to time as we add more to this ultimate list of the great email subject lines that work!

You’d rather let us think of newer emails specific to your store and email marketing strategy? Sure, book a free call. We can do kickass subject lines and a lot more!

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