8 New Examples Of The Best Correction Or Apology Emails After An Email Goofup for 2024

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Let’s be real, we’ve all had those days where things go wonky. You know, the days when typos slip into your emails like uninvited party crashers, messages find their way to the wrong VIPs, and subject lines vanish into thin air like magic tricks gone wrong. However, all is not lost. An email slip-up doesn’t need to translate to a job loss or sleepless nights! Even the gurus of marketing have had their fair share of email mistakes. So don’t give up just yet. There’s something still to be done: follow up with your audience with apology emails; you might even see great results from it.

We already shared with you 10 of the best apology emails we’ve seen out there in the email marketing world in a previous post. And because you all just couldn’t get enough, we’re back with 8 more gems that you’ll want to keep up your sleeve for those inevitable oops moments.

1. A simple mix of bad and good news…

This clothing brand seizes a popular topic with its audience—astrology—and employs it to deliver the good news about its website being back up. They also throw in a quick apology and promote their sale, all in one go. Great job!

Apology Email Example - Website Crash

2. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.

Oopsies happen, even to those who dress the kiddos. After promoting a special flash sale a day before it actually went live, this children’s clothing store sent a brief and cheerful apology email. The text is relatable, enjoyable, and apologetic, reflecting the kind of connection they share with their audience, all while also promoting their ongoing sale. This a plain text email—a wise choice of format when aiming for an intimate, personal tone, crucial for crafting effective apology emails.

correction email example

3. Our cat ate our website!

Forever 21’s lost (momentarily) their website, but not their sense of humor. With a playful cat joke, playing on the familiar “Dog ate my homework” shtick the brand apologized for the website issues and made it fun They also threw in free shipping to make up for the inconvenience.

forever 21 apology email example

4. Fashionably late birthday wishes

This brand’s email shows us that sending birthday wishes a tad late might actually be a win. Standing out from the birthday email clutter, it keeps readers engaged with fun, punchy content, and an inviting layout.

creative birthday correction email campaign

5. Sneaker oops & the CEO’s promise

This sneaker brand issued an apology email when their recent launch quickly “sold out” during the 15-minute early access for regular customers. Their apology email isn’t just a “my bad,” but a full-on story of lessons learned, a heartfelt apology, and the CEO’s digital signature – because personal touch matters. 

sold out sneakers email campaign

6. Of cats and comebacks

This brand sent an incorrect email. But who’s mad when it comes with a playful apology and a cheeky 10% discount? This brand turned its email mistake into a purr-fect recovery.

funny correction email

7. Serious apologies, seriously done

Although brands should master sensitivity and empathy in their marketing messages, there are instances where campaigns don’t always resonate as intended. This is when the importance of an apology becomes crucial. Some external factors can lead to the email’s content being offensive to some recipients. This bedding store takes the matter to heart and shows that some errors deserve a serious “sorry.”

serious apology email example

8. When the Titans Stumble

Even email marketing gurus make mistakes… and Chase Dimond is no exception. Probably the most well-known email marketing expert, he has also sent apology emails. Here’s one that’s direct, to the point, and quickly explains the blip while offering a solution.

chase dimond apology email

So, it’s kind of comforting to know that even really famous marketing experts can make mistakes sometimes! I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas on how to make things right after messing up an email. And remember, no mistake is too big that a little creativity, humor, or empathy can’t fix.

If you’re still worried about messing up important emails and would rather let the pros handle it (and take the blame if something goes wrong), you can book a free call with us. We’re really good at getting emails right and hardly ever mess up, all thanks to our super strict quality checks, careful attention to detail, and making sure to look over every email not just once, but two or even three times before hitting that ‘send’ button.

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