5 Creative July Newsletter Ideas: Summer Email Marketing That Works

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July newsletter ideas

Summer’s poster child month (yes, July, we’re looking at you) is just around the corner and you know what that means  – everyone and their mother’s marketing campaigns are about to turn up the heat. 

July marks the beginning of Q3, offering a fresh start for the second half of the year. It brings tons of sales opportunities needed to generate essential revenue and propel brands forward. 

That means it’s time to tap into those creative email marketing ideas – the ones that really stand apart from the rest of the clutter. And thanks to our work with awesome clients across a colorful array of niches, we’re in the perfect position to give you the insights you need to knock your July email campaigns out of the park. 

(We’ve got the award for 2024’s Best Retention Marketing Agency for EMEA to prove it, after all.)

But that’s enough chatter from us, let’s get to the good stuff: July newsletter ideas that’ll take your brand’s engagement to a whole new level.  

1. Get Festive With The 4th of July

Because Yes, This is The Big ‘Player’ of The Month

4th of July newsletter campaigns are a great way to leverage hype and excitement to get more engagement and more sales.

In fact, research shows that at least 87% of all Americans participate in 4th of July online sales. Did someone say “Ka-ching?” 

Cash in on that energy with these July email marketing campaign ideas: 

  •  Promote a Flash Sale

Everyone loves a good 4th of July flash sale! Create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate purchases from your audience – especially if you place an emphasis on the “for one-day-only” angle. 

  • Offer Bundle Deals 

Independence Day is all about friends and family. So why not offer your consumers a deal that’s inclusive of everyone? Nothing gets people as excited as an offer in bulk topped off with a generous discount (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

  • Get Ahead with an Early Bird Special 

The early bird gets all the sales…or something to that effect. Reach your audience before the competition crams their inboxes full of newsletters with an early bird sale or discount. Case in point: this cheesy, no-holds-barred stars & stripes July newsletter idea:

4th of july early bird list

You can also gently remind your customers about any sales or discounts via plain text mailers – which happen to be a very affordable way to increase your email revenue

2. Dive Into The American Spirit 

With Patriotism! Alexa, Cue The Bald Eagle Call 

Yes, we know that the federal holiday of the month falls within the first week of July but that doesn’t stop the audience from desiring good, old fashioned America-centric content.

So how do you tap into that niche? Especially if your brand isn’t really, well, that sort of brand? It’s easy! 

  • Educate Your Audience

Think American history and lesser known facts. You could cover a whole range of topics, from easier subjects like details on the American flag to a newsletter that discusses the iconic fashion of the American Revolution era (yes, that’s a thing, and a great content idea if you’re a clothing brand).

  • Get a Little Bit Personal 

The American Dream (the patriotic one, yes) places emphasis on a lot of different values yet none rallies people together more than the concept of unity. You can play on this insight by sending out a personalized “letter” of sorts, wishing people well for their July festivities. A little personal engagement can go a long way. 

One last thing on this: you don’t have to go all in on fireworks, red, white & blue for your 4th of July email campaigns. In fact, if those aren’t your brand colors, it doesn’t really make sense. It’s far better to do something that stays true to your brand, like this super tasteful, pastel template that hits the red, white and blue notes without being garish or in-your-face about it:

on brand email design


3. Stand Out With An “Anti-4th of July” Campaign 

Hey, The American Spirit Can’t Be Everyone’s Thing, Right? 

Sometimes, the best way to stand apart from the crowd is to do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. And so was born the attention-grabbing email marketing strategy of “Anti-event-that-everyone-else-celebrates.” 

Now, sometimes it really pays off to be a killjoy, if you do it effectively enough. Sometimes a fresh July newsletter idea swims against the patriotic current can make a big impact, just by being different to 90% of your audiences’ inboxes.

You can try this with a lot of holidays, even the big ones. Take a look at a snippet of this email campaign with an “Anti-Black Friday” angle we created last year for one of our clients: 

anti-black friday email

4. Plastic-Free Awareness Month: Sustainable July Newsletter Ideas to Showcase Your Values

…Which is Often Overshadowed By All That Patriotism

This one is for all our eco-friendly…friends. There’s a lot of potential in what kind of newsletter content you could create for a plastic-free awareness campaign – especially if your brand promotes sustainable products. Check out this example of a successful marketing campaign revolving around sustainability as a USP with our client Bamboo Ave

Now, let’s get into some fun content ideas you can use to populate that half-filled July calendar

  • Provide Tips and Tricks to Kickstarting a Plastic-Free Journey 

This is an especially fruitful angle for stores with environmental initiatives. Providing information and insight into leading a more sustainable lifestyle adds a human element to your brand along with establishing a concrete sense of authority. You could also take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on what your brand does to make a difference (even our humble endeavors deserve a little recognition). 

  • Shine a Light on Sustainable Alternatives 

This is a prime opportunity to feature eco-friendly products that your brand may feature, or at least ones with sustainable benefits. It provides a chance to increase sales while maintaining the necessity for value add, because nobody wants an email that’s in their face screaming at them to buy products.

  • Celebrate International Plastic Bag-Free Day (3rd of July)

Yes, we know this falls just before the all-encompassing 4th of July celebrations and yet it’s still a noteworthy date in the calendar. Especially if you’re interested in placing less of an emphasis on Independence Day this year. Share tips for shopping without plastic, facts on the impact that plastic bags have on the environment and even talk about how your own store makes use of plastic-alternatives in the packaging of its products (it’s 2024, we’d hope you’ve got sustainable packaging!) 

5. Follow Your Audience on Their Summer Vacation 

We Mean That Metaphorically, Please Don’t Stalk Anyone 

We all want to take advantage of the prime sun time and nothing says “Summer’s here” quite like a summer vacation does. Now, if the 4th of July is a treasure trove then we can only describe vacation content as a vast, untapped mine of potential. Think of some of these July newsletter ideas as lovely little jewels we’ve mined just for you, waiting to be polished (we’re really playing up all these metaphors). 

  • Create a Summer Travel Guide Based on Your Niche 

This is a fun way to include value add and potentially increase sales for your brand. Creating a travel guide campaign centered around your brand’s offerings not only establishes you as a reliable authority, it lends credibility to the depth of your brand’s voice. Think places to go, travel/care tips, etc! You could also throw in a discount or special if you really want to make your customer’s Summer one to remember. 

  • Recommend Summer Outdoor Activities (And Squeeze Your Products in if You Can)

You’d be surprised at just how many people need summer vacation ideas. Why shouldn’t your brand be the one to dish them out? Next to being a nice change of pace in populating your July content calendar, this is also a clever way to sneak some product promotions in (wink, wink), especially if your offerings revolve around apparel, functional appliances, or even childrens’ education. 

  • Create a List of Must-Have Summer Essentials 

And, you guessed it, make sure your product/s are the main attraction! List-based newsletters are easy to scan through, provide valuable information and, most importantly, ignite the audience’s desire to purchase something. Especially when you place an emphasis on why they really, really need your product in order to have the best Summer vacation possible (human beings + FOMO = more likely to spend money!)

  • Bonus Content: The 2024 Summer Olympics! 

Every four years, the Olympics gives us a golden opportunity  to connect on a deeper level with our audiences (and profit). Folks travel from far and wide to watch the games. And even those who don’t may still enjoy the excitement from the comfort of their couches. What does this mean for you? It means you can cast your net over a far wider audience than you may have been able to previously.

This is a no-brainer for supplements brands. But it’s not just for them. It’s fully possible to tweak the occasion to fit into your niche, too. A little creativity can go a long way. Here’s a nurturing July newsletter idea that invites people of any fitness level to get into the Olympic spirit:

olympic themed email

Beat the Summer Slump with Award-Winning Email Marketing Strategies

Summer can be gruelling for eCommerce brands – and not just because of heat waves. When sales dip, it’s your retention marketing strategy that will make all the difference. Our advice: shake things up, be bold, and pay close attention to what your customers really care about this summer.

Get in touch with our team to find out how Hustler Marketing could help you to build a powerful retention marketing plan to see you through the summer.


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