10 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs To Take Email Marketing Seriously In 2021

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Email marketing can deliver powerful results when done right. We at Hustler Marketing have consistently helped over 50 of our ecommerce clients over the last 2 years find amazing results through email. Last year alone, we achieved a sales revenue of over $24.5 million for 45 active clients through 435,657 orders placed via the emails we sent! Not to mention, those emails went a long way in building, fostering and strengthening incredible engagement relationships with their hundreds of thousands of clients.

No matter what critics might have said in the past, it’s more clear than ever that email marketing is here to stay. In fact, it’s become one of the most valuable ways for companies to increase their impact, nurture their lists, and create a real connection with their customer base. So if you haven’t already, here are 10 reasons why you need to take email marketing seriously.

1.  4.5 billion people use email

By 2021, 4.5 billion people (or more than half of the world’s population!) will be using email. An email inbox is a treasure trove of intimate and personalised communication that’s ripe for exploration. According to reports, people open 20% of the emails they get, which means a marketer has a 20% chance that their emails will be opened by the target audience. And once they do, the business has a golden opportunity to create brand awareness and nurture their leads to conversion.


2. Email marketing helps you monetize your ever-growing email list

Your list of subscribers and customers is an ever-growing one. This means that every additional email represents another opportunity to reach, engage with, and ultimately sell to a new lead.  Once your list is optimized, this becomes an immense resource for a business to both offer value to their customers, as well as extract that value and ultimately turn it into sales.


3.  Emails let you define your own brand style, copy, and images

Emails enable a brand to tell their own story in their own style. Emails serve as mini brochures, newsletters, personalised letters, ads, catalogues, or whatever you want them to be. They basically act as a marketer’s blank canvas—there are no restrictions on how long an email should be, the maximum number of images you can use, or what language should be included. In short, emails let you be you!

4. Emails allow promotions of products ad networks won’t

Let’s be honest. Promotion of certain products is not only hard but sometimes impossible on ad networks. If you’re a seller of these products, email marketing is your best bet.

5. Email marketing helps you build a connection with your customers

No other form of advertising lets you personalise your communications like emails do. From the name, to the location, to even designing the message around a customer’s behaviour, email allows for hyper personalisation.  This laser-focus on a customer’s needs automatically creates a deeper connection with them, allowing for a more warm, human relationship between your business and your customers.

6. Emails extend the Lifetime Value of your customer

Emails enable you to stay constantly in touch with the same customers. With the right flow set up, you can send meaningful post purchase emails, birthday, win-back and other emails—all automatically. And with campaigns and newsletters, you can reach out to the customers to achieve targeted promotions and/or occasion based promotions. This helps ecommerce businesses extract more conversions from the same customer, thus extending your advertising dollars, and increasing their Lifetime Value (LTV)—the pot at the end of the marketing rainbow.

7. Emails pick up where ads leave off

An ecommerce business generally leans on advertising to get their leads, but it’s email that helps nurture those leads and move them along the sales funnel. Flows like cart abandonment and post purchase help those “almost lost” leads turn into customers. And even after ads have managed to make a conversion, it’s email marketing that makes it possible to engage and promote to those existing clients on a regular basis.


8.  Emails allow you to personalise your content

No other form of advertising lets you personalise your communications like emails do. Right from the name, to the location, to even designing the message around a customer’s behaviour, email allows for hyper personalisation. This level of personalisation makes the communication warm, human, and foster better relationships with your customers.


9.  Emails allow you to track direct revenue 


Say goodbye to hazy metrics and revenue that can’t be directly attributed anywhere. Emails allow for a comprehensive and transparent tracking system where you can not only view performance metrics like open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and unsubscribe rate, but also revenue metrics like revenue per email. With email marketing, you can keep your finger tightly on the pulse of your performance, scope of improvement, and a clear ROI analysis.

10.  Email marketing actually delivers results when done right

Eventually it all boils down to this: Does email marketing get the conversions? Yes and yes. (Provided it’s done right!) At Hustler Marketing, we approach email marketing as part art and part science. With an elaborate strategy, an enviable design army, and compelling copy that connects and converts, we help our clients achieve stunning results from email. In fact, just last year, we helped make $24.5 million or an average of 20%, for our 45 ecommerce businesses. Read the whole report here.

Want the experts to handle your ecommerce store’s email marketing? Give us a call. We’ll do the rest.


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