10 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas And Why They Work

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10 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas And Why They Work

We can all agree email marketing is an essential pillar for any eCommerce store. However, getting started can be hard. What works and what doesn’t for your industry, and therefore, your business? Wonder no more, today we’ll walk you through 10 email marketing campaign ideas and why they work, so you can start your email marketing strategy on the right foot. These are all based on our experience as an email marketing agency working with 70+ eCommerce clients across different niches. Check them out.

Category: Apparel

Eye-Catching Sale Opener

Sale email marketing campaign idea for apparel store

This baby apparel brand sent this email to launch its annual sale. What’s interesting about this email campaign is the design. It plays on the expectations of the customer and pushes on their curiosity to know which collections are included in the sale with the spinning wheel. The collection showcase also helps people to be easily redirected to the collections they are actually interested in. 

Curious about its performance? This campaign produced more than $20,000 in revenue! Not only that but the engagement metrics are way over email marketing benchmarks for campaigns. 

best performing email campaign apparel brand


Pushing on scarcity

FOMO scarcity email marketing strategy for apparel

If you have limited collections, this is a great email marketing campaign idea for your business. This brand makes sure its customers know their products have limited stock so they should buy before they are gone. This is called pushing on scarcity and what it does is to get people to impulse buy the fear of missing out on their favorite products. The results? A 3.3% click rate and a 0.6% placed order rate! 

amazing email marketing campaign example apparel brand

This email campaign did so great that we sent out a resend, which also had a great performance! 

Resend your best performing email campaigns

Back-in-stock notifications

Back-in-stock email marketing campaign idea for apparel ecommerce store

email campaign open rate benchmarks 2022

On the other side of the spectrum, make sure you are letting your email list know when your best-sellers are back in stock! People need to be reminded about what they like and that those products sell out fast for a reason. The product showcase also shows all the colors available, and the unique selling points of each style, which is great for people who need a little more convincing. 

Category: Home & Garden

Getting the most out of user-generated content

email campaign example for art store

This brand offers $100 gift cards every month in a giveaway for people that share their user-generated content. This is a great way to use email marketing to push on user-generated content on social media that brings awareness, as well as create brand loyalty through giveaways. People can even see this reaction as a review and then feel compelled to shop for their own portrait. Here are the results of this strategy.

email campaign performance home decor brand

Making it personal

plain text email marketing campaign idea for art store

For this brand, we created a plain text email where the founders addressed their recipients directly and touched base on their personal values. Supporting small businesses is something that a lot of people can get on board for. No striking design, no product showcase, just a simple but strong message and an offer with a cause. That’s it. But the results are amazing. 

the power of email marketing campaigns and personalization

Pushing on repeat purchases

electronics email marketing campaign example

For eCommerce stores that specialize in a single product, it is important to showcase the small differences between the variants of the product you offer. For example, colors, sizes, uses, etc. This is what BlendJet focuses on in this email. If you look at the copy, it mentions how one type of BlendJet is better for protein shakes, the other one is perfect for small spaces because of its size, and all the different colors allow you to match your BlendJet to your outfit. This way, the brand pushes on repeat customers.

Category: Health & Beauty

It’s all about the product

email newsletter for supplement store

Whenever you are featuring a specific product in your email marketing campaign, make sure you are giving your customer a reason to choose your product. What will they get from it, why is your product great, and why can’t they find the same thing in another store? These are all questions you should answer. Once you have accomplished this, see the results.

email marketing campaign ideas that work

If you want to know how Hustler Marketing has helped Dietary Supplement stores grow over 30% with email marketing, check out our Case Studies!

Email is also about caring

email marketing campaign idea for health and beauty products

This email is a great example of how a successful email marketing campaign structure (or any marketing product for that matter) should be:

  • Grab your audience’s attention with a hook. In this case, the main hook is the title of the email: The Main Source of Your Psoriasis. 
  • Explain the problem. This will help your audience see that you understand what they are going through, and what challenges they face and trust you.
  • Present the solution. The solution can be your product, some tips, or a mix of both. 

The main point of this type of email is to gain your customer’s trust and therefore make them place an order. You may think as this is not a real sales campaign, results may not be that great. But try it out, and you may be surprised!

email marketing click rate benchmarks


Seasoning up your email campaign

fall email marketing campaign newsletter for jewelry store

Create email guides for different seasons, holidays, and events. This helps your audience visualize your products and how they would fit into their everyday life. This brand created an email specifically for fall and the results were amazing!

email marketing agency

Knowing your audience

email campaign series for jewelry brand

This brand catches the attention of its audience by suggesting products based on the zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are not for everyone. There are people that enjoy checking their horoscopes and the characteristics of their zodiac sign. But there are people that are really annoyed by this. So you really need to know your audience and think about how they can react to a campaign before sending it out. In this case, this jewelry brand analyzed its audience, behaviors, and interests and created a series of great performing campaigns that generated a total of $3,963 in revenue!

email marketing series performance


Now that you have the basics to add to your email marketing content strategy, are you ready to level it up?

Book a free call with us and let an experienced email marketing agency boost your revenue.



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