Open Positions

Head of Sales

Manages a sales team and all the processes. Nails the sales funnel and takes leads to conversions.

What we need

  • 7+ years experience in sales in a digital environment
  • Brilliant communication skills in English.
  • Experience in managing sales team of 10+ people, ideally BDR + SE call structure
  • Ideally prior experience in a digital agency (B2B services) world, or SaaS
  • A working knowledge of ecommerce and the Shopify/Klaviyo/FB ecosystem
  • Knowledge of HubSpot an added bonus.

Head of Product

Creates additional new products (services) for our increasingly growing client base.

What we need

  • 4+ years experience in digital agency world
  • A working knowledge of ecommerce and the Shopify/Klaviyo ecosystem
  • A past experience of ownership of an internet business/agency an added bonus.

Lead generation expert / growth hacker

Builds and grows our lead pipeline through ingenious and scalable means

What we need

  • 5+ years experience in generating leads for digital agencies (or SaaS)
  • Proven track record of generating qualified sales opportunities (calls)
  • Knows cold email, SEO, organic, LinkedIn and other “guerilla” forms of lead gen
  • Easily adapts and manages various CRMs/automation platforms to deliver lead gen at scale
  • A working knowledge of ecommerce and the Shopify/Klaviyo ecosystem


Good to know

  • 100% Remote position
  • Flexible salary structure
  • Officially your status is of a contractor, so you pay your own tax, social security etc.
  • We do offer perks like paid time off, travel bonuses and end of year bonuses
  • Minimum working hours are 140h/mo. You need to track your time using hubstaff (takes random screenshot every 5min). General mandatory Slack availability 3-6PM Barcelona time weekdays
  • Epic culture, 70 people from 27 countries
    We doubled (or more) our revenue growth at stable profit margins for 4 years in a row

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