How A Fun and Educational Newsletter Introducing A Low‑Selling Item Fetched Sunwarrior 10% of Its Overall Monthly Email Revenue



To create an educational campaign for their new-launched product, teasing their audience and encouraging purchases without an overt push or without relying on discounts.


For a new product introduction a beetroot powder usually not a hot selling product category for the store, we wanted to create an educational email before pushing sales. Since natural supplements are generally very specific products and require some technical details regarding the composition, benefits, usage etc., this email served as a perfect platform to educate the customers in depth and nurture them for any future pushes of the product.

For this campaign, we created a fun email template that teased the audience about the new product in the subject line. For the email body, we wanted to focus on educating the customers about the composition and benefits of the product. Keeping to the beetroot theme, the email depicted the humble salad vegetable in a humorous and friendly way, adding to the easy-breezy feel of a technical email.

This technique didn’t only create a highly save-worthy educational email, but also made for a great case for the power of the right look and feel for delivering a strong message.


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At first, back in March, we created just one email to suss out the market for this product, and scheduled a send for a few curated segments of the store.

The email was sent to around 100k recipients and achieved the following metrics.

Sent to

“Engaged” (103,000 profiles)

Open Rate


Open Rate


Number of orders


% of email revenue

5% of monthly email revenue for March

But more than what the metrics reflect, it’s the fact that the product sold out within a couple of hours after the email went out, flooding the brand’s inboxes with requests to restock it! The store owner was more surprised than we were as according to them “Beetroot has never sold well”!

Send #2

After the success of the previous campaign and once the product had sufficiently been restocked by the store, we did a resend of the same campaign and this time added a discount to the mix. This email got even better results with every metric looking even better than the last time and a 50% higher revenue too.

Thus, a single campaign for the beetroot powder, spread across just 2 emails, fetched the company over 10% of its average monthly email revenue.

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