33% Higher ROAS in 3 Months: Winning an "Impossible" Demographic with UGC Ads

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Find out how Hustler Marketing’s winning ad creative formula broke through generational barriers to create high-performing UGC ads for a patriotic gifting brand.


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About the Brand: Patriotic & Commemorative Merchandise

Our client operates in the patriotic and commemorative gifting niche. 

Initially, they approached us to enhance their email marketing. But our partnership has since grown to include UGC ads in addition to email & SMS.

Keep reading to learn how we did what some might call the impossible: successfully engaging a 50+ audience with UGC.

The Challenge: Expanding with UGC Ads

Our client wanted to experiment with other marketing channels that could work in tandem with the strong retention marketing strategy we had built for them. Based on the success that our email & SMS marketing service had achieved, we saw an opportunity to do more by exploring ad creatives.

This is where things got complicated. The brand’s audience is mostly over 50, and social media marketing generally targets younger audiences. Marketers love to study the impact of UGC ads on Gen Z and millennials. But how do people over 50 interact with these ads? Nobody really knows yet. So we knew we would be blazing a new trail.

The Solution: Hustler Marketing Breaks All the Rules to Create Age-Appropriate UGC Content

The client had attempted social media ads on their own. But they had not been able to launch UGC ads, because it was difficult to find the right creators to match their customer avatar.

Step 1 Sourcing UGC Creators

So we started there. Luckily, we already knew their audience quite well through email marketing. All we needed to do was match that information with our extensive UGC creator network.

Sourcing UGC Creators

Step 2 Finding the Right Voice

Next, we needed to figure out how to create UGC videos in a way that would appeal to a more mature audience. To do that, we knew there was no better source than their own words. We knew that people really loved these products, and they loved talking about them in reviews.

So our team analyzed these reviews to understand 2 things:

  • What was motivating people to buy these gifts?
  • How did people feel when they received them?

Then, our strategists and copywriters began to distill the right sentiments and tone for creator briefs and scripts.

Here’s how they crafted scroll-stopping hooks using the words of satisfied customers themselves.

Review Hook
Whenever I meet veterans I like to show my appreciation with a commemorative gift.
I’ve found the best way to say thank you to our veterans 🤝
I’m proud to say I’m from a military family. My brother and dad are both servicemen. This is the perfect way of honoring brave heroes like them.
Join me in honoring our brave heroes! 🎖️
There is no better gift for a hero. Even if they’re not in the service anymore, they’re still heroes. After I got this for my dad, he bought one for one of his navy buddies.
This is how heroes honor heroes 🤝
For patriots, this is a GREAT gifting idea if you want to give something they don’t already have.
Patriots! This is our way to give back to our veterans!

Step 3 Versatile Video Editing

Finally, we paid close attention to the style and tone of the videos themselves. In our editing process, our expert video editors kept the age of the audience in mind. So, we aimed to use the format and style of UGC, while keeping the visuals clear and detailed. We also chose patriotic and calming background music.

These details made the videos more relatable and accessible for the audience we were targeting.

The Results: Impressive Growth Within Just 3 Months

After an intense creative sprint, the Hustler Marketing team was ready to launch the first batch of ads for this client. The results were far better than anyone really expected.

Within less than a month, they already had a strong winner candidate – something that usually takes weeks of trial and error. That was a strong start, and set the tone for what came next.

In just 3 months, Hustler Marketing had taken over 73% of the client’s ad spend, using our new successful formula, and while meeting all their KPIs. For the client, this meant that they no longer had to waste time trawling through their assets to find ads that would get around ad fatigue, engage audiences, and net sales.

By month 2, our ads were the highest spending ones – a clear signal that Facebook rated them as having the highest chance of success.

Over the 3-month period, we increased ad spend by 72%, and revenue increased by 132%. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reached 2.14, a 33% improvement over our starting point.

Metric Results after 3 months with HM
Ad Spend
72% more spent on ads
132% increase in revenue
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
33% higher ROAS

Break Generational Barriers to Growth with Hustler Marketing

Crafting ad creatives is hard enough for Gen Z. But for older Gen X and Baby Boomer audiences, it’s a tall order. We’re proud of the work the Hustler Marketing ad creative team did to unlock new revenue for this awesome brand.

And we’d love to do it for your brand, too.

Get in touch with our friendly team to learn about our suite of services including ad creatives & UGC ads, email & SMS marketing, conversion rate optimization and more.

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