Best International Women’s Day Email Marketing Campaign Angles

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International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and emphasizes the importance of gender equality and takes place every March 8th. As it’s such an important occasion, creating an email marketing campaign gives you an opportunity to connect with your women customers and also communicate how the day matters to you as a brand. So it’s necessary to get the messaging and design correctly.

As a tip, I recommend reading around the topic and understanding the massive global significance of it and how your business could come up with a concept about Women’s Day. We did a roundup of the best email campaigns for International Women’s Day and highlighted how we went beyond the pink to focus on the real cause and showcase real women last year.  This year, we present the best International Women’s Day Marketing Campaign Angles that you can use to create powerful marketing for your own brand.


Here are some of our 5 best Women’s Day angles from inspiring templates:


1. Women’s Day Email Angles: Remember the cause and make all women feel special

Your female subscribers should feel empowered and important when receiving your email, so don’t be shy and let them know how important they are. Not only today should be special for them, however, but this is also the time to go extra and don’t be shy to introduce the topic straight away. 


5 Angles for Women’s Day Emails

2. Women’s Day Email Angles: Share an inspirational women role model 

This is a good occasion to give credit to all stories and achievements from women in all areas. Here we have a great example with Frida Kahlo as the main character, her empowered ideas, and why we celebrate her existence. 

5 Angles for Women’s Day Emails

3. Women’s Day Email Angles: Support a cause for women

Your brand or product does not necessarily need to be only related to women to make an impact in this occasion campaign. However, if you have the chance to be aligned with women’s causes let everyone know how to support an organization, foundation, or charity. Here we have a beautiful example of how to create awareness about breast cancer. 



4. Women’s Day Email Angles: Stand out from your competitors

Almost every brand’s goal is to send good-looking and thoughtful campaigns for Women’s Day, to achieve this and get to people you need to think out of the box and stand out from your competition. Here we have a great example with a starting question that reaffirms the purpose of the email, then a great banner to create scarcity and a sense of urgency timer at the end to tell the audience that this promotion will be available 24 hours only after they open it. 


5 Angles for Women’s Day Emails


5. Women’s Day Email Angles: Be fun and supportive

When I say there’s no need to just be aligned with women’s products to impact with a Women’s Day campaign I mean it. Here is the most fun and also supportive campaign with personalized potatoes for not only women but for everyone having on ming today is special and it’s worth celebrating with great promotion. 


5 Angles for Women’s Day Emails


Looking for some help to materialize these angles and create powerful campaigns for Women’s Day? Book a call with us at Hustler Marketing and help us create some empowered emails for your holidays and special occasions, or otherwise.

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