Women’s Day Email Marketing: Beyond The Pink And The Promotions, Celebrating Women With Substance

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“Any day worth celebrating, is also worth selling” goes the unsaid rule of marketing. At Hustler marketing, working with 50+ ecommerce stores, this narrative becomes all the more important.

However, for this international women’s day, decided to take a step back this time, and take the opportunity to move the needle towards a better place and go beyond the lip service.

Should women’s day be relegated to another day of promotions, “women’s day special deals”, bubblegum pink, and all the tropes associated with the day?

Look, we’ll be honest. Email marketing is ultimately geared towards getting more opens, clicks, and getting more sales. But the path to that doesn’t have to be laden with offers and flashy deals. Email marketing offers a unique chance to communicate to your customers in a way no other channel can. Be it crafting beautiful copy with no word limit, (hey Facebook!) or using the email template as a canvas to create art, email marketing is truly an unfettered medium. So why not use it as a force of good, and break the clutter from the usual “50% off” deals all the women are going to be flooded with!

This women’s day, we celebrated women. The famous ones, the non famous ones, the successful ones, the celebrities, the everyone women. Women form the story, the subject, the content, and the message in these emails.

At a time, when feminism has never been as outspoken as before, and marketing is making all the right moves for women.– here’s looking at you dishwasher ads targeted to men– email marketing has an important role to play in forming and changing the narrative for the better. Through this piece, we look at a selection of some the emails we put together for consenting clients that went a little above the pink-themed promotional emails, and celebrated the day with a little more substance.

For Hydr8M8, one of our DTC clients that sells fitness-related products, we designed a newsletter that sought to highlight and elaborate the accomplishments of 8 women across fields and verticals.

Womens day email marketing


In a marked departure from promotional, offer and product-led emails, for another merchandise and clothing store, we highlighted the many facets of women — everyday women – across ages, shapes, skin colour, professions, and personalities.

(And as an aside, this email also serves as a brilliant example of how to create a stunning storyboard using just stock images, without it looking as dead.)

Womens day email marketing


To stay on brand, and yet do a similar celebration of women we should know about, for a sustainability focussed brand, we decided to do a customised list for celebrating notable women environmentalists. This visualisation was done along with complying with the brand’s own unique style of illustration and imagery,

Womens day email marketing


For a women’s fashion brand, we gave the beautiful fashion shots and fancy imagery a break, and honoured the important women who changed the course of history. The email really shone and won as much love from the clients as from the customers – all women.


women's day email marketing


The women’s day emails weren’t limited to highlighting notable or famous women. We also wanted to celebrate the everyday women. Here in this email for a custom art client, we did that with some evocative copy.  We also went beyond the email to ensure that all the art featured in the women’s day special emails was done by women and featured the female form.


These are but some of the best examples of the nurturing emails we did for women’s day for some of our clients. And by no means, we didn’t do the regular promo and offer led emails for some of our other clients. In the end, email marketing is what a brand makes of it.  Enhancing sales through a promotional offer is desirable, if typical, but bringing about a positive change in the mindset, even if for a day? Coming to an inbox near you.

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