What Makes Us One Of The Top Ecommerce Email Marketing Agencies in the USA

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Email marketing agencies are all the same… Or so you may think. 

Sure there are thousands of agencies in the US, but how many of those come with a diverse roster of over 30 account managers from all over the world? Of those, how many have experience creating beautiful emails for over 65 clients, that span from domestic U.S. companies to huge multinationals. Finally, of those agencies, how many do you think earned one of 11 seats on the Klaviyo Partner Advisory Council in just under 2 years? 

If you guessed Hustler Marketing, you were spot on. 

So, why is it exactly that these traits make us a top email marketing agency in the United States? Let’s dive into those three key reasons: our diversity, our portfolio & our results. 



For us, diversity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s our distinctive imprint. Hustler Marketing’s Account Manager Team is made up of over 30 individuals from different continents and cultures. This means that we have first hand experience selling to several major demographics in the United States. 

But that’s only half the story. Not only are our account managers culturally diverse but so is our outstanding creative team. Our experienced copywriters, designers and translators are based all over the world but with a greater emphasis in North America and Europe. In other words, we know how to speak the language of your target audience, both culturally and literally. 

One perfect example of how our diversity makes us a top marketing agency in the United States is the phenomenal work we’ve done for Indestructible Shoes. This speciality shoe company sells comfortable and extremely protective footwear for diverse market segments.These include construction workers, chefs, outdoor enthusiasts and even military/security personnel.

Evidently, there is no one magic bullet for all of these segments. They all have different needs, characteristics, preferences, etc. This is precisely where our diversity as a company plays in. By leveraging our company’s collective experiences in so many different niches, we are able to attend to each of these segments effectively. 

But don’t just take my word for it, let’s look at some numbers. 

This past November we raked in over $165,000 with over half coming directly from campaigns. What’s more, we contributed 23% of total revenue for Q3 all while maintaining a healthy 19.3% Open Rate.

While I could write volumes about how we create spectacular emails for our clients I think it would be better to let the art speak for itself.

Our Portfolio

With over 65 clients in numerous market niches, our portfolio is as diverse as our account managers. Although I would love to present them all, let’s just take a look at two of our largest U.S. Based clients


  • Market niche: Portable kitchen appliances / health focused

Blendjet 2 Launch

Halloween Blendjet



  • Market niche: Consumer goods

December Free Shipping

Flavor of the Month 

So now that you have seen our creative work, how are our results? 

Our Results

Many claim to be among the best, but numbers speak. For that reason, let’s look at some numbers that show that Hustler Marketing is a top email marketing agency in the United States. 

For the month of November we raked in close to 6 million dollars from email, 700k from Black Friday alone. Percentage-wise, that month we contributed 26% of total revenue across all of our clients. For one client in the indoor plant growing niche we even accomplished to drive 70% off all Black Friday revenue through email! 

That’s just one month, we work wonders for our client’s all year round. For a client with no prior email email marketing, we went from $0 to $289,000 a month in a span of less than a year! Check out the full Eternity Modern Success Story here.

For another client in 2019 we raked in over 600k during the Black Friday madness. This year, for the same client we brought in over 800k and increased our revenue contribution by 88%! Check out the full Blendjet Success Story here

As you can see, Hustler Marketing is more than just your average email marketing agency. We are a diverse team with experience handling diverse target audiences. We also have a steller in-house design and copywriting team that work wonders for our clients. Finally, we have a proven track record of generating and maintaining substantial revenue for all of our clients, both those with and without previous email marketing. 

Carlos Valdivia

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