The 6 Best Tools For Project Management In An Email Marketing Agency

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collaborative tools in an email marketing agency

Working for an email marketing agency could be one of the best things you can experience; you’ll be working with a massive team of Copywriters, Designers, Account Managers, Marketing Assistants, and many more. Its principal aim is to offer outstanding results for an eCommerce store that needs to increase its revenue. 

Are you ready to work with a remote digital marketing team? You should be preparing for different challenges which you will deal with. These jobs are usually remote, meaning you’ll need to have a variety of tools to connect with your team to deal with situations quickly and efficiently. This will ensure your team delivers quality results to the client. 

In this blog post, I want to tell you which are the best and most effective project management tools that help Hustler Marketing to collaborate on an email marketing campaign while being communicative and working productively. Let’s dig into them:

1. Asana

Asana is an online mobile and web application with the principal task of helping different teams organize, track and manage their work. It simplifies team-based work management by letting everyone know each member’s workload through their assigned tasks. For an email marketing campaign, Asana helps us to create and give different briefs for each role of the team: copywriters, designers, and Klaviyo experts. Choosing a deadline for each task, a comment section, and more. This way we get the best and most efficient work done. 

how to use Asana

For example, in HM we do some different things with Assana to make our work better and to have a great performance, such as:

  1. Creating different Projects (Ecommerce Stores that we manage)
  2. Adding additional categories, sections, or even sub-tasks to assign the team.
  3. Adding conditions, situation comments to our tasks.
  4. Viewing all main tasks from a calendar perspective, so we don’t miss anything. 
  5. Uploading images, documents, videos, etc as examples or references.
  6. Checking the workload of our teammates in case we want to assign them more work. 
  7. Getting notifications right ahead to our inbox or notification bar after a task is finished.


2. Slack

This fantastic platform is one of the most used by many organizations worldwide. It is a team messaging tool that gives your workplace excellent and healthy communication in one place. Slack offers many features, including channel rooms, private groups, direct messages, and even audio calls. 

We use Slack for different purposes, most importantly to connect with our team and have direct conversations, so our work as digital marketers is delivered perfectly and at the right time. In HM it is really important to have a nice and easy way to communicate with each other, just to chat or even send different important messages such as birthday celebrations, random stuff, or notice someone else incredible job.  

how teams use Slack

Slack supports instant file sharing from cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It also integrates with remote collaboration tools like Evernote, G-Suite, and Zoom, among others that Hustler Marketing currently uses. It’s amazing how this is possible and that now we can communicate our ideas and collaborate with our team by sharing files, videos, getting feedback, and even more in one place. 

For an email marketing campaign, we always need to get instant responses from our teammates to make sure everything is on track, brainstorming, or even just to send the latest updates. 

3. Loom

How companies use Loom

Loom is considered one of the best video messaging tools that can help many teams across the globe to communicate and express their ideas in a better way and share them with their group with just a click.  For Hustler Marketing is outstandingly important to make our ideas clear and clean so our Team can work better on the tasks that are assigned to them, so we often create different loom videos to send them and explain different things to make it clear.

Loom also allows us to share only the browser and webcam or the entire desktop. Suppose we opt for the alternative of transferring the whole desktop. In that case, we can choose which application we want to share, for example, for your email marketing campaign, it will be easier to send feedback or ideas. 

So, with all being said, Loom helped us in many ways to communicate different ideas or tasks to all of our team members, especially to our designers and Klaviyo Experts so our email campaigns can be created professionally and have a better performance.


4. Hubstaff

Do you need to track your team’s workload? How much time do they spend on some tasks? It’s your luckiest day because I’ll introduce you to Hubstaff, a workforce management platform that offers proof of work, time tracking, payroll management, and other projects management tools that can help you track everything in your team. 

Here at Hustler Marketing, working properly and optimizing our working hours is a priority, we want to express and deliver successful campaigns to our clients, and that’s why we need to keep on track of everything that we do and the time that takes us to finish it. 

Hubstaff will always be our best friend during our campaign schedules, brief creations, and brainstorming sessions to deliver the best results to our client’s stores.

5. Airtable

Airtable is usually billed as “Google Spreadsheet on Acid” in tech circles. It’s a great open-cloud tool to share content and database like in a preadsheet but it can be customised with a lot more options than Google spreadsheet. It’s a great tool for  sharing the content calendar within your team as well as with the team client. Airtable is free to use for teams of any size but with paid plans with additional storage, features and support.

airtable content calendar


Once you get a hang of the tool, you can do much more with it than just make spreadsheets. It lets you host presentations, polls, charts and much more. The app has many pre-loaded templates for every use case you can imagine


6. Zoom (of course!)

team zoom call

Remote companies and Zoom are synonymous! Zoom is a fantastic tool that connects our amazing team through high-quality video and audio calls. It allows us to discuss any campaign life while sharing the screen with all and use on-screen annotation tools to make the experience even better. 

Having meetings can not be much easier. We can now schedule team meetings, strategy sessions for our future campaigns, events, etc. Zoom has helped Hustler Marketing keep united and work as a family with people from all around the world working remotely, some of them in their bedroom, some in the living room, or even at the kitchen… but the most important thing is that we keep in touch with each other and especially with our clients to show how our work is done.

With all of these amazing tools for email marketing campaigns, Hustler Marketing has been working for around 3 years delivering outstanding results to many clients around the globe. Working remotely has never been easier. 

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