Mother’s Day Email Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands: 6 Creative Mother’s Day Email Examples

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Mother's Day Email Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands 6 Creative Mothers Day Email Examples

Mother’s Day is an important event held around the world that shows appreciation for mothers and mother figures. It is not only a day of love and affection, but also an important day for businesses. According to the National Retail Federation, 84% of United States consumers plan to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2022. In addition, Mother’s Day spending per capita has increased over the past five years. This shows that e-commerce brands can benefit greatly by incorporating this event into their marketing. In this article, we provide you with effective Mother’s Day email marketing strategies and examples of successful campaigns that can increase your brand visibility and revenue during the season.


1. Mother’s Day Email Marketing Strategies


1.A. Timing your Mother’s Day email campaigns for maximum impact

Timing is key for Mother’s Day email campaigns. You can maximize the impact of your campaigns by giving your audience enough time to browse your website, consider your products and place an order. It’s important to remember that people need plenty of time to decide what to get and where, and delivery times can vary.

Utilize your email campaigns to remind your subscribers about the ticking clock and how many days they have left to place their order in time for it to arrive before Mother’s Day.


1. B. Reward past Mother’s Day purchasers

Don’t forget to show appreciation to loyal customers who bought from your previous Mother’s Day sale or collection. Create a special segment for these customers and offer them an exclusive discount or early access to this year’s Mother’s Day sale.

This not only incentivizes them to make a purchase again but also makes them feel valued and appreciated. By building a strong relationship with these customers, you can turn them into brand advocates and increase their lifetime value.


1. C. Allow subscribers to opt-out

Mother’s Day is a widely celebrated marketing holiday, but it can be difficult for some who have lost or have a strained relationship with their mother. Offering the option to unsubscribe from Mother’s Day emails is a thoughtful gesture that shows you respect your subscribers’ feelings and preferences. It can also prevent negative feedback or backlash from your customers. 

Offer a subtle opt-out link in your email that reads something like “Don’t want to receive Mother’s Day promotions and news? Click here to opt out. We’ll still send you regular emails, but you won’t get anything related to Mother’s Day.” 

This way, subscribers who don’t want to receive Mother’s Day emails can simply opt out of being bombarded with unwanted messages. Other members of your email list will still receive their regular emails and get excited about the event.

Sensitivity in Email Marketing Provide an Opt-Out Mothers Day

2. Mother’s Day Email Examples


2.A. Create an Early Mother’s Day Sale

Offering an early sale can provide your company a competitive edge as people start their Mother’s Day shopping earlier each year. To thank your VIP customers and engaged email subscribers for their support and to make them feel special, think about extending an exclusive early offer to them.

By launching your sale ahead of the competition, you can put your brand on top for shoppers looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This is a great opportunity to showcase your unique products and offers, attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Early Mother’s Day Sale Email Example

2.B. Send a heartfelt Mother’s Day email 

Sending a heartfelt Mother’s Day message from your brand to your subscribers is a wonderful approach to communicating with your audience in a more personal way.

This email can be even more effective for brands run by moms or that sell products specifically for moms and kids. Avoid overselling and keep your message short. It’s about showing appreciation, not pushing products. A heartfelt message can leave a lasting impression on your subscribers and help create a stronger bond between them and your brand.

Send a heartfelt Mother's Day email marketing strategies

2.C. Create urgency in your Mother’s Day promotion emails 

Leveraging urgency tactics in your emails is an extremely successful strategy if you want to increase your sales during the Mother’s Day season. Whether you’re conducting a month-long sale or a flash promotion, adding elements like countdown timers, limited-time deals, and notifications about best-sellers running out of stock may create a sense of urgency and scarcity that motivates your subscribers to act. 

By using urgency strategies, you can compel your audience to act immediately through FOMO (fear of missing out). However, balance your urgency with a concise and compelling message that highlights the value and benefits of your products to get your subscribers to buy.


Create urgency in your Mother's Day promotion email EXAMPLE

2.D. Feature testimonials in your Mother’s Day email

Events like Mother’s Day are great for driving sales, but they’re also a great opportunity to put a face to your brand. Present stories from your brand advocates or team members to show the human side of your brand and build trust with your audience.

Make sure to choose testimonials that specifically talk about motherhood or the gift-giving experience for Mother’s Day. This will help your subscribers relate to the stories and see themselves in your products.

Feature testimonials in your Mother's Day email MARKETING STRATEGY EXAMPLE

2. E. Create Mother’s Day email gift guides

Make  Mother’s Day gift-giving easy for your subscribers by creating email guides that showcase your best products for the occasion. You can display items that suit different types of moms, such as working moms, stay-at-home moms, or grandmothers.

To make your guide more engaging, use creative angles such as “The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Moms Who Deserve the World” or “4 Gifts Even Hard-to-Shop-For Moms Will Love”. You can also add value to your gift guide by including tips on how to personalize gifts or how to pick the right gift based on your mom’s interests or personality. 

You can either showcase the gift guide in your email or use your email to redirect subscribers to a blog post on gift-giving for Mother’s Day. This strategy not only makes it easier for your subscribers to shop but also helps promote your products and drive sales.

Mother's day email marketing Create Mother's Day email gift guides

2.F. Promote gift cards for last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers

Even with all the reminders and sales, some individuals will unavoidably forget or put off purchasing their Mother’s Day present until the very last minute. That’s where gift cards come in handy! 

Use your email marketing to promote your gift cards as the perfect solution for those late shoppers. Emphasize that mom can choose her own gift and that it’s a thoughtful and flexible option.

mothers day email marketing gift cards example

3. Mother’s Day Email Subject Lines

Crafting a compelling email subject line is essential to ensure your Mother’s Day email campaigns are opened and read. In order to craft effective subject lines, follow these tips:

  • Your subject line should be short and to the point. 
  • Use words like “buy”, “shop”, or “order” to entice them to take action.
  • Leverage urgency tactics in your subject lines too. Use verbiage like “sale ends soon” or “only 24 hours left”.
  • Use personalization tags to address your subscribers by name. 

Here are some examples of highly effective Mother’s Day email subject lines that have been proven to generate amazing open rates, based on our own email marketing agency’s extensive database:

  • Spoil Your Mom With 10% OFF …
  • ❤️ A Special Mother’s Day Message for You …
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Karen!
  • ❤️ Get Mom’s Gift in Time For Mother’s Day!
  • Perfect Mother’s Day gifts right this way 💗
  • Mother’s Day Is Coming 👀
  • 💗 Mother’s Day is Just A Few Days Away! 💗
  • Last Chance For Mom’s Gift 👑
  • 20% OFF Mom’s Gift: ⏰ Only 24 Hours Left …
  • Gift Ideas For Mom! 🎁
  • The IDEAL Gift For Mom 👑 20% OFF
  • 💌 Wishing You A Happy Mother’s Day!

If you are looking for more examples and tips on how to write your own effective subject lines, check the tips from our in-house senior copywriter. 


A well-executed Mother’s Day email marketing strategy requires a delicate balance between promotional and nurturing campaigns. Remember, Mother’s Day is a special occasion that provides an opportunity to connect with your customers on a more emotional level, so don’t be afraid to get creative and showcase your brand’s personality. While promotional emails can boost sales, nurturing campaigns can increase brand awareness and improve overall customer loyalty. By using the strategies, examples, and subject lines discussed in this article as a source of inspiration, you can create effective emails that will help your brand succeed during the season. 

Our team is here to help you create engaging and effective campaigns that will drive results for your business, not just for this holiday, but all year round. Book a call today and let’s talk about how we can make your email marketing creative, personalized, and memorable for your audience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your subscribers!

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