More campaigns = more $$$?

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Can you increase email revenue just by increasing frequency?

Send more campaigns each week to make more money. Ok. Sounds obvious, a little too easy and almost dumb, but hey someone had to say it 😉

? But hold on a second… won’t I hurt deliverability, annoy my customers and burn out my list? Yes, probably… that’s why everything that sounds simple isn’t always easy in practice. To pull this off you need to meet these minimum requirements beforehand:

1️⃣ A nurtured list that is big enough (at least 30K) and are engaged with the content.
2️⃣ Appropriate segmentation of the list.
3️⃣ Products that the customers enjoy and would probably buy again/leave good reviews.
4️⃣ Good and varied content to share with the customers.
5️⃣ Good email templates that are easy to read and convert and do not clip in Gmail.

(? If you don’t meet any of the above and would appreciate some help Hustler Marketing is always there if you ask nicely *wink* *wink*)

? Now, let’s begin with the main question: how many campaigns a week?

We could set the standard at 2 emails a week. And the structure could be 1 nurturing content value-giving email (newsletters) and 1 promotional sales email. That was what we were doing with this client for months, results were typically great and we didn’t think much about it.

You can see results for the whole month of April below:

? But we had a problem

The client dropped his Facebook Ads and overall store revenue had been free-falling for some months already. We wanted to find a way to keep email revenue high, so starting from May we simply began sending more campaigns.

? This is halfway into May (14-15th) and you can see campaign revenue is above Flows and already higher than in the whole of May and we expect to double those results!!!

? This is awesome, especially as this is 100% email revenue which means it’s as profitable as it can get and fully coming from retained customers. Such a simple tweak resulted in a great result.

We sent a total of 11 campaigns in 15 days without counting re-sends to 2 different segments.

The content structure looked like this:

1️⃣ Nurturing Newsletter – long to nurture, based on blogs on the website.
2️⃣ Mini campaign – this would be a very short campaign where we would promote new/different/clearance products in the catalog – almost just the picture and a button. These type of campaigns can be done extremely quickly and can be sent between longer newsletters.
3️⃣ Promotion during the weekend, usually about some products mentioned in earlier emails throughout the week. These promos usually run for about 2-3 days unless we decided to make it a Flash promotion.

That was at least 4 campaigns a week and we also re-sent some of the best-performing ones.

? Important here is understanding Klaviyo and slowly easing into sending more and more emails. We have very well made segments and we were constantly checking the unsubscribe and spam complaint rates in case we needed to calibrate our strategy. Spam and unsubscribe rates surprisingly slightly decreased during the increased campaign frequency period!

? All in all, this isn’t the Holy Grail, but definitely something to test out… carefully. As Homer said above, it sounds stupid, but duh, it worked!

We’re not saying this will work for every email list in every sector but fear of burning out the list, spam or pissing off your customers might be holding you back from making substantially more money.

But again… we kinda know what we’re doing 😉

Sócrates Lozano – Hustler Marketing ?


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