International Women’s Day 2024: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress

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International Women's Day 2024

The theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is “Invest in women: accelerate progress”. That has a special resonance for a full-service marketing agency like ours, because the link between gender representation and success is something we live out every day.

Gender and culture play a pivotal role in modern marketing. When it comes to launching new products and campaigns, gender and cultural diversity are two pivotal factors that shape decisions, prompting organizations to dive deeper into understanding diverse audiences. 

Here at HM, both women and cultural diversity are essential to our success as a global full-service marketing agency. To celebrate International Women’s day 2024, we took the time to speak to some of the women who are shaping our clients’ success, and the future of our company.

Here’s what they have to say while reflecting on International Women’s Day 2024.

Andrea Lancheros, Designer: Representation Means Everyone Wins

We’ve come a long way since the 1960’s, where the most common female representations in marketing were:

  • Almost all caucasian
  • Based on traditional roles
  • Purely instrumental – there to sell a product 

Mothers, housewives and beautiful young girls featured on the pages of print media, usually simply as tools to showcase products.

If you had been a marketer then, it would have been an understatement to call the marketing industry male-dominated. That is definitely no longer the case, with women now occupying around 60% of marketing roles in North America. At Hustler Marketing, we’re actually a little above the average – our team is 65% female. It’s great to be celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, with this year’s theme, in a company that doesn’t just talk the talk.

Having such strong representation is obviously a huge win for diversity, but it’s more than that: gender and cultural diversity are actually good for business.

Diversity Boosts Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention

By cultivating female brand ambassadors from diverse backgrounds, a brand can build stronger connections with consumers, fostering trust and loyalty. That’s true for everyone: from large enterprises to eCommerce brands and email marketing agencies

Diverse Teams are More Innovative and Creative

Diversity (both in culture and gender) injects creativity into marketing teams. It enables them to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, amplifying innovation. That is vital for staying ahead and tapping into trends in a fluid, global landscape. Research has consistently shown that it also translates into higher profits.

Gender and Cultural Diversity Extend a Brand’s Generational Appeal

Millennials and Generation Z tend to let their values and social consciousness direct their spending habits. Diversity is one of the most important of those factors, so brands need to reflect this to stay competitive over time. 

Danny López, Design Lead: Marketing Design Without the Pink Tax

At Hustler Marketing, we don’t rely on the “pink” gimmick for marketing. As women, we all see “pink tax” coming a mile off. 

Instead, we try to come up with marketing messages and campaigns that really connect with our clients’ female audiences. We get the results we do because we don’t just target these women’s challenges, not their gender. And that means more than just throwing in a body positive stock image. It means tackling those usually hush-hush or touchy subjects that women face in real life.

Sadly, marketing still tends to steer clear of less-than-glamorous topics like periods, ageing, hormonal imbalances, menopause, childbirth, and breastfeeding. One of the great things about Hustler Marketing is that we support female entrepreneurs who are diving headfirst into these taboo topics. They’re catering to the practical but often overlooked needs of women, from boob tape to breast pumps to menstrual cups. It’s our job to transmit that message through design the best way possible.

A new breed of women is smashing through social norms. They need fearless dynamic marketers to support them – and Hustler Marketing shines here.

marketing design

Kübra Özübek, Account Manager: a Community of World Citizens

Working at Hustler Marketing, I really appreciate how inclusive and supportive the work environment is. It’s great to see so many women in the team. Everyone is treated equally here, with no discrimination, and the management truly cares about all of us all as individuals. 

What stands out to me is how the company supports anyone eager to learn and improve, regardless of their gender. The way we communicate, especially among women, is clear and respectful, and the men here are very polite and supportive, too. I also love that Hustler Marketing feels like a “world company,” with a truly global team that supports a range of exciting global brands.

This makes me feel like a world citizen, which really brings everyone together and motivates us, especially as women who want to make a mark on the world of digital marketing.

International Women's Day at Hustler Marketing

Hustler Marketing: the Agency of Choice for World-Class Female Marketing Talent

As a fully remote agency from day 1, we have lived through the mainstreaming of work-from-home and the rise of the Freelancer Economy 2.0. So knowing how to attract and retain top marketing talent from around the world is part of our recipe for success. That’s how we have built a thriving team that is 65% female, covering 24 countries and a wide range of specialized skill sets on the cutting edge of modern marketing trends.

They could be exactly what you need to accelerate progress for your brand this year – and we’re waiting for your call.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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