Hustler Marketing Wins Big: Best Retention Marketing Agency for EMEA

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Best Retention Marketing Agency 2024

We started out as a retention marketing agency. So we’re pretty obsessive about helping all our clients to win with email marketing & SMS marketing.

In fact, “client love” is one of our busiest internal Slack channels. We love seeing our clients win. And getting recognition for playing our part in that is an amazing bonus. That’s why we’re so excited to be the winners of Best Retention Marketing Agency for EMEA at this year’s Yotpo Partner Awards.

Keep reading to find out how we did it!

What are the Yotpo Partner Awards?

For eCommerce folks, Yotpo hardly needs an introduction. Yotpo is a cloud-based content marketing platform for managing and analyzing user-generate content like reviews, ratings, and photos. Yotpo helps businesses leverage this content to build trust with potential customers, increase online presence, and boost sales.

The Yotpo Partner Awards recognize excellence with Yotpo’s partner ecosystem. These awards spotlight agencies and technology partners for innovative strategies and exceptional performance in multiple categories.

The category we featured in was retention marketing, and the work that helped us net this award was our partnership with Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior: Helping Earth-Conscious Customers to Crush Their Limits

Sunwarrior provides plant-based, earth-friendly supplements that support athletic performance and provide essential nutrients for a holistic self-care regimen. Sunwarrior’s brand combines a youthful, go-getter vibe with a values-driven ethos. That combination has made them a major player in the health and wellness eCommerce space.

In other words: Sunwarrior is the kind of eCommerce brand that marketers love to work with – and we are grateful for the privilege. Hustler Marketing supports Sunwarrior with retention marketing (email & SMS marketing) and UGC ads. Our thriving partnership is what enabled us to bring home this awesome accolade.

Let’s take a deeper look at that partnership and the work that the Hustler Marketing team has done to help Sunwarrior achieve their marketing goals.

Activating a Passive Subscriber Base Through Innovative Retention Marketing Strategies

Sunwarrior was already a successful brand when they approached Hustler Marketing. They had a large subscriber base, but they realized that they were not getting maximum value from it. There was a real opportunity to uncover new revenue through strategic retention marketing.

To make that happen, Hustler Marketing developed a retention marketing plan that included Yotpo’s tools. They leveraged Yotpo SMS for targeted marketing campaigns, and Yotpo Loyalty to enhance post-purchase experiences.

By integrating Yotpo solutions with Hustler Marketing’s creative efforts in this way, they were able to move the needle on Sunwarrior’s retention revenue. The results included a 63% repeat buyer rate – a huge 152% increase – and 344X return on investment from SMS flows. Their highest-performing campaign achieved s 54X ROI.

This multi-faceted collaboration showed exactly what’s possible when you combine cutting-edge eCommerce tools with a team that genuinely cares about a brand’s success.

Full-Service Marketing Solutions: Retention Marketing & UGC Ads

As Sunwarrior super fans, we’re also proud to support this trailblazing brand with UGC ads and ad creatives. Through this service, we help Sunwarrior to expand their reach through paid social media advertising, tapping into hot trends and creating memorable content that engages new audiences and converts more customers.

Reach out to our friendly team to learn more about Hustler Marketing’s award-winning team could do for your brand. Who knows? Our partnership could be the next big thing in eCommerce marketing!


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