How to Blow up Your Email List

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So you heard that many people make tons of money from email marketing and decided to give it a shot? Congratulations, you are already on the right path! However, if you have never done it before I am sure this path ain’t gonna be easy. One of the common issues that you will probably face is how to get people to join your list or rather as we call in the email marketing world: How to blow up your email list?

It might seem like an impossible task to get a decent number of emails if you’re starting from zero. But it’s not, as long as you remember that there’s no single way to win over a critical mass. 

Rather, it’s a combination of many tactics. Each work together incrementally over time to build your list well beyond what you thought possible. Here’s a walk-through of the key ingredients in our formula — plus one to avoid — based on the discoveries we’ve made while slowly and steadily blowing up lists.

  • Sign-up forms on your website ?. These certainly include sign-up forms inside your website, like in the footer. But at the same time, you should definitely use a pop-up. Start with a welcome pop-up and then add other kinds, such as an add to cart pop-up. Make sure to motivate your customers to give you their email by offering, for example, a discount in exchange

welcome popup email marketing


  • Leverage your existing customers/ people who bought from you.

    I am sure that most everyone who has purchased from you in the past had to provide their email address during the checkout. All those emails are stored some place. It could be in your ecom platform, a server or, perhaps, they’ve been downloaded onto a spreadsheet, depending on your store’s infrastructure. Find out where and gather all of those emails you’ve collected in the past for import into your Email Service provider (ESP).

  • Facebook 

Did you know that you can make a sign-up form on your Facebook page? And it can even be placed in your page menu, to be easily accessible for your customers and prospects. Most of the popular ESPs offer integration with Facebook, many with compelling options . For example, Klaviyo offers to add subscribers who sign up via Facebook Lead Ad Forms to a list in Klaviyo. You can even sync lists and segments from Klaviyo to Facebook as Custom Audiences, so that you can advertise to these subscribers.

  • Do not buy email lists

This might seem to be the simplest way to get a bunch of new emails fast. However, the easiest way is always the trickiest. All the other methods covered guarantee you emails of interested parties. But, if you decide to buy a list, at least part, if not all, of it will probably vary too widely from your audience. 

In addition, the addresses themselves are often old or no longer accurate. Using such a list would just ruin your email deliverability. In some cases, buying an email list can be ideal, but in most cases, it’s not. Protect yourself by thoroughly understanding the origins and details of the list and segment it carefully.

These are only a few main ways to gather new emails for your list. If you want to know more, comment below, and we’ll provide more examples. 

Augustinas Pocevicius and Thomas McClintock

Hustler Marketing

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