Happy New Year From Around The World! Meet The Team Behind Hustler Marketing In This Video

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42 Hustlers

28 unique countries

18 unique languages

45 days

1 Global Pandemic

And one kickass email marketing agency!

That’s what this video contains.

2020 was a strange year to say the least.  We stayed at home, didn’t meet a lot of friends, family or colleagues, and definitely didn’t travel as much as would’ve liked to.  Hustler Marketing is a fully remote company so to us the idea of working from home, Zoom calls and is not a unique or a monstrous one for us, but to think that our normal would come the global norm, who would’ve thought!

Our global footprint and our team’s diversity has always been a unique and a value-adding asset for us. Being a fully-remote email marketing agency, even outside of the Pandemic norms, our team is spread across the world. 35 countries to be precise. While regular camera-on Zoom calls and a monthly team call keeps us operationally close and visible to each other, seeing each other and in-person meetings are still a dream for us. Thanks to the pandemic an annual conference and a meeting we’d been planning was put paid to.

So we knew we had to compensate in some way! This video was born out of a need to bring us all together, virtually, outside of our work-related calls. This video helped us know the team a little better ourselves and get a glimpse of their physical surroundings, outside of their computer screens a bit better.

A project of mine, the marketing manager, the video required a few weeks of coordination, negotiation and communication with the whole team.  Managing COVID protocols and battling lockdown restrictions all across the world did play spoilt-sport as a lot of our team could not step out to record this video, but we did manage to have 42 out of 60 of our team record themselves and have a lot of fun while at it! We get a peek into their worlds, their culture, the local language, and above all, get to know the person behind the screen a bit better 🙂

Some of us sang, some in the same cities met each other, some even went out of the way to add a bit of their personality into the video. All in all, seeing 42 of our people in the same video got us in the feels and also whetted our appetite for an in-person catch up very soon in a post-vaccine world!

We may not have traveled the world last year, but this video did set the base for a pretty good global tour in 2.2 minutes.

On that note, we hope 2021 is full of happiness, good health, and success in your career and business!

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