Creative AI Tools for Marketing: a Guide for eCommerce Brands

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As a marketer, you’re always under pressure to do more with less. Before the generative AI revolution, that was a headache. But now, there is a whole world of AI tools for marketing to choose from. Email marketing AI, customer service chatbots, AI product photo generators – the list grows every day.

We asked our creative team leads at Hustler Marketing to give us the rundown on some of the best AI marketing tools available for email copywriting, email design and ad creatives.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • How to use ChatGPT as a free AI copywriting assistant
  • Generating product photos instantly with FinalTouch
  • Adding natural AI voiceovers to ad creatives with Elevenlabs

ChatGPT: Multi-Use AI for Copywriting

No list of AI tools for marketing would be complete without a mention of ChatGPT copywriting. After all, around 44% of marketers are using ChatGPT to write emails and other copy.

Among its many uses, ChatGPT can:

  • Quickly condense complex product information
  • Generate large amounts of copy as a starting point for a human writer
  • Proofread and check emails for consistency

To get an idea of its potential as an email copy generator, we asked Carrie Linder, Hustler Marketing’s Head of Copy, to describe how this tool fits into her team’s workflow.

Crafting Peripheral Copy Elements

ChatGPT excels at generating small but important elements of copy: subject lines, calls to action (CTAs) and banner copy. Provide your main text, and ask for options that align with the style and tone. This ‘pick and choose’ approach can save a lot of time.

Evaluating Clarity and Message Delivery

ChatGPT is good at rating copy. It’s like having a second pair of eyes, ensuring our message hits the mark. In a busy email marketing agency like ours, it’s not always easy to get another pair of eyes, so ChatGPT has been a welcome help.

It’s also a great tool for finding repetition. It’s quicker and more efficient than manually searching for overused words. All in all, this makes editing smoother and more accurate.

Summarizing Information

A major strength of AI in email marketing is assimilating information on webpages. ChatGPT can quickly summarize info for writing product blocks in email campaigns. But outputs aren’t always 100% accurate, so you need to verify everything before you publish.

It’s a helpful tool, but not infallible.

Human in the Loop: the Limitations of ChatGPT as an Email Copy Generator

According to Carrie, capturing a brand’s tone of voice requires the oversight of a skilled, 10-fingered copywriter. ChatGPT struggles with replicating specific brand tones, especially those that are conversational, humorous, or cheeky. It’s an area where the human touch still reigns supreme.

Another consideration is time. Although ChatGPT is designed to save time, there’s a fair amount of effort involved in fine-tuning prompts, sifting through responses, and editing. Ironically, sometimes the traditional way of writing is quicker.

chatgpt copywriting quote


FinalTouch: an AI Marketing Tool for Designers 

FinalTouch is an exciting AI product photo generator from Cloudinary. There are many AI photo tools that help with certain aspects of a product image, like background removal or resizing. But FinalTouch takes it to the next level: you simply upload a product photo, select a setting/style, and the AI does the rest.

In the hands of an expert designer, this is a powerful tool that can:

  • Generate beautiful product scenes without any AI skills or text prompting
  • Automate product photo generation without expensive shoots
  • Instantly provide multiple options for A/B testing

Hustler Marketing’s Design Lead Daniela López gave us her opinion on this tool and why it made it onto this list.

Instant Variety Without AI Skills

FinalTouch can really level the playing field for brands who don’t have a large library of product photos or design assets. Instead of having to wait (and pay) for expensive, time-consuming shoots, you can digital product catalogs with ease. 

And best of all, you don’t need to become experts in AI to do this. You just upload a product photo, select the vibe you want, and you have multiple scenes to choose from.

The importance of AI lies in the speed it provides for some essential processes within a project, especially as in our field we’re no strangers to last minute requests and rushed projects which could be impossible to finalize on time if it weren’t for tools like this.

As creatives we believe human touch remains essential to deliver high quality, innovative and original work for our clients and the implementation of AI into the marketing world has made the designer’s duties change into something more interesting, making AI play the role of a “creative assistant” and not a replacement for human work.

finaltouch ai product photo design

Quicker Than Legacy Photo Editing Tools

As email designers we often have to edit product photos to get the perspective and lighting right (among many other factors). FinalTouch is a welcome addition to your toolkit, because it can handle this for you. Of course, it’s crucial for a designer to perform quality assurance on any AI-generated image. But FinalTouch can save time on each task.

AI Voiceover for Ad Creatives: Elevenlabs Gets the Last Word

Hustler Marketing’s dedicated Ad Creatives Team is obsessive about exploring cutting-edge AI tools for marketing. One tool that has made a huge impact on their workflow is Elevenlabs. Using ElevenLabs, eCommerce brands can:

  • Easily produce and test more ads easily
  • Avoid audio quality issues with regular voiceovers
  • Effortlessly convert, cut and edit voice scripts

We asked designer and video editor Jessica Contreras to share her insights on exactly what makes this tool such a game changer for busy teams like hers.

Diverse Voice Options

Elevenlabs boasts an impressive library of voices that actually sound realistic. All we do is select the ones that match our customer avatar and demographics, to ensure the ads resonate with the target audience. 

Customizability and Easy Filtering

Even better, Elevenlabs lets you customize the voices. You can decide how exaggerated you want the accent or tone to be. Maybe you want a little bit of Valley Girl, but not too much. Simply tweak the settings and listen to the output until you have what you need. 

The filter function and voice samples with descriptions make the decision process much easier. It’s like having a sneak peek at how the voice will perform in our ads.

elevenlabs ai voiceover

Realism in Longer Scripts

Longer voice overs are where most AI voiceover tools break down. They may start strong, but become more robotic later on. That’s a problem, because some ads need slightly longer scripts. But Elevenlabs really shines here. Their voices maintain a natural flow, so the audience stays engaged for longer.

Efficiency and Scalability

For a busy team like ours at Hustler Marketing, efficiency is key. We test large volumes of ads across multiple platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Elevenlabs lets us produce more ads without increasing our headcount. The interface also shows the character count for each voiceover, helping us manage our budget. It’s perfect for scaling up our ad creative output, with a range of pricing options to suit any team’s needs.

Leveraging AI Marketing Tools for eCommerce Success 

As a global team of marketers, creatives and innovators, Hustlers Marketing is committed to finding new ways to help our clients win. By getting to grips with the latest AI tools for marketing, we continually improve the services we offer in email copywriting, email design and ad creatives.

Book a chat with our team to find out how Hustler Marketing could future proof your eCommerce brand and help you to reach a whole new world of customers. 

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