Black Friday Email Marketing Done Right: Top Tips From An Ecommerce Email Designer

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Everyone loves Black Friday Sales.  Consumers wait all year to buy amazing stuff at wallet-friendly prices.  Great news for business owners!  The seasonal hype helps boost your sales. New customers check out your products. And this year is going to be bigger than ever. Not despite the pandemic, but because of it. Adobe released a report that predicts that U.S. online holiday sales will total $189 billion, shattering all previous records with a 33% YoY increase, equal to two years’ growth in one season. 

The problem is that everyone is fighting for the same share of eyeballs AND inbox space. And although a little friendly competition never hurt nobody, this is more like a Chain Saw Massacre scenario in which the best marketing + design strategy will make the heads roll.

Here’s a few tips from me – an experienced ecommerce email designer – on how to do Black Friday Emails Right


1. Email Marketing 101: Make your discounts pop


Black friday email templates

Everybody loves a discount, especially a big discount, and I don’t mean the 90% off we all want, I mean the big bright letters in front of your eyes. Take this into consideration when designing in Big Sales Season; the eyes go straight to the numbers, make them pop out the most in your design.


2. Email Marketing 101: Take risks and push out something crazy or memorable to break the clutter

You don’t want people to see your content and forget about it. So seasons like this  in which we all get bombarded with information are the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and stand out. Don’t be afraid to take some risks here, you can stick to the norm some other time.



3. Email Marketing 101: Use contrast in your color scheme


Use color in your favor, Black Friday designs are usually and obviously BLACK. Using bright and light colors to complement the vibe of the holiday will help your important elements stand out. 


4. Email Marketing 101:  Leverage content hierarchy in emails

Black friday email

Display the important copy in bigger bolder and fonts. People came for the discounts so show them right away. Both the name of the holiday and the percentage off are key here so these two elements should be the ones displayed right away.


5. Email Marketing 101:  Use animation with GIFs in emails



GIFs – are a great way to catch your attention. In a world of emails with static elements, spice it up a little by adding some elements that move.  An email instantly transforms from a static and boring letter into a multimedia hoot with some nicely timed 


6. Email Marketing 101:  Easy does it


Easy to understand content is the one technique that catches more attention and gets the best sales. If possible use less copy and simply show the discounts you’re offering. Make this the first thing they see.


7. Email Marketing 101:  Display what makes you, you


Black friday email

Show what you’ve got, whether it’s a best seller product, your amazing logo, or your great photography content. The overall design of the season’s elements shouldn’t overshadow the essence of the business itself. A good glance of the real YOU should always be there. 

So, I hope with these tricks up your sleeve, and some handy templates to reference to boot, you’re ready to unleash your best Black Friday email game, and see those beautiful emails turn into $$$ in front of your eyes!

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