Black Friday Cyber Monday Report: We Drove $5.8 Million Or 26% Of Total Revenue From Email Marketing For Our Clients

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black friday cyber monday email marketing stats

Yes, we made nearly $6 million in a month for our clients from email marketing alone!

But let’s rewind a bit and see how we got there.

It’s no secret that Black Friday is the biggest occasion for any ecommerce brand. But this year was doubly special. Buoyed by a push in ecommerce due to the pandemic lockdowns, all the brick & mortal store losses were ecommerce’s gain. And just as Adobe had predicted, this year turned out to be the biggest Black Friday in years.  Shopify reportedly processed $2.4Bn worth of products on Black Friday and the season saw a 76% YoY increase in sales!

For us at Hustler Marketing, we knew that our task was cut out for us, but it was one we were prepared for and then some.

Preparations for Black Friday had started months before the event, with our account managers, strategists and creatives going into overdrives on the clients’ Black Friday campaign strategy for the big week. Meetings with clients fleshed out the campaign direction, the offers, and the creatives. We even pushed out educational content on Black Friday email marketing strategies and design best practices on our blog. This was also one of the longest BFCM seasons as Black Friday promotions started as early as Nov 12 and went on for a few days after.

Our team worked day and night strategizing, planning, designing, adapting and delivering campaigns through the whole week.

Here’s just a glimpse of what went behind ONE campaign, courtesy a round of appreciation for some of our rockstars at Hustler who made amazing results happen for Blendjet and another client.

Needless to say, our designers rose to the occasion. What’s a great Black Friday campaign if not for showcasing some of the best of promotional email designs? Here’s just a couple.

animated emails


And now the results:

1. Email Marketing fetched a revenue of $5,871,773 or $5.87 million across our 50 clients

The overall store revenue for the clients was $22 million so essentially email marketing drove 26% of the overall store revenue across 50 clients including the ones that did not do campaigns.

The Email Revenue for the same stores in October was $2.47 million, meaning the email revenue contributed a boost of over 137% increase during the Black Friday month.

Email marketing revenue

3. Blendjet, one of our clients who had made $600k from the Black Friday month last year beat their own record clocking $805,204 in email marketing revenue with $461,893 coming in from campaigns and $343,311 from flows this time round. Their email contribution went up to 16%, an increase of over 88% compared to last year.


3. One of our clients in the indoor plant growing niche, recorded 71% of their total revenue from email marketing in the cyber week alone.



4. Between Nov 20-30, our top 25 clients had a sales trajectory that looked like this:



  • The revenue starts to go up gradually right from Nov 22 (the Tuesday before Black Friday)
  • The top client had a total revenue of almost $100K on Black Friday with $30k contributed by email marketing alone. That means without email, that $30k was lost!
  • The Revenue jumps to over 100% on Nov 27 – Black Friday.
  • Revenue comes down slightly on the Saturday and Sunday following but still remains above average
  • Cyber Monday (Nov 30) sees as much spike in revenue as Black Friday (even though the campaign contribution is a bit lower.)


5. Between Nov 23-30 or the Cyber Week, here’s how the Flows And Campaign Emails panned out.

Campaign VS flows email marketing


  • While on normal days, Flows (automated emails) perform better than Campaigns, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Campaigns drove over 50% of the email revenue and almost 25% of the overall revenue.
  • Campaigns continue to remain strong due to a strong push on extended BF campaigns

6. Revenue numbers breakup by total store revenue vs email revenue alone on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone

email revenue during black friday week


  • Email drove 34% and 30% of overall revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively.
  • Campaigns drove almost 3x revenue that of Flows on Black Friday while they drove a little over 2x of Flows.

All in all, to say it was a big month for ecommerce is an understatement. That Email Marketing drove an average of 26% of the stores’ revenue during such a big month, specially with other paid and organic promotions running on social media, search and display etc. is no mean feat.

We are proud we helped our clients achieve an extra $5.8 million or 3x of their regular email revenue during this crucial month at no extra cost to them. But really, it’s client love like this that really motivates us to do what we do and hustle just that much harder.




If you want to see your store or a store you know achieve similar results from email marketing,  hit us up or book a call for a free consulting session.

Wish you a great Holiday Season ahead!

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