Are you getting the most from your bestseller??

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Most probably your best selling product is selling so fast with a good reason, but that does not mean people never abandon the buying after putting it in the cart.?

So to increase the purchases of that product you don’t want customers/prospects to go through the general Cart Abandon flow, which you use for all of your products. Of course, you would want that kind of flow for each product you offer. Unfortunately, this would take a lot of time and money, but you want to make sure to at least have this for your bestsellers.


I will give you an example of how we do this at Hustler Marketing in 3 simple steps and what are the results of it.

1.Copy ?

As in general Cart Abandon flow, the copy is talking about general benefits & use of your products. Here you want the copy talking specifically about the product that was left behind.

Use the product name already in the subject line, make the story aligned with your product, what are its benefits, why is it so popular, why they should buy it, etc.


2.Design ?

Might be obvious, but… Make sure to use the best selling product on the banner.

3.Testimonials ?‍⚖️

If you didn’t know before, you will know now! For those who are more skeptical about purchasing the product, you should use satisfied customers testimonials. In this case, apply them to your best selling products. Find the best and most convincing testimonials, and add user photos.


How do we know this stuff really works??

General CA Placed Order rate from all 4 emails is 9.9%, and Specific product CA Placed Order rate is 12.8%.


I hope you find these tips useful!

Marko, Hustler Marketing

Marko Kojadinovic

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