An Email Campaign Promoting New Products Makes Record Sales For A Socks Brand – Case Study

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We wanted to build hype, we ended up knocking off the socks of a product that hadn’t even dropped!

When Gain The Edge, one of our client stores that sells socks decided to launch a new product – a white-gold grip variant – our expert account management team, led by Marko, made a recommendation to launch the product with a pre-order option for the first time ever. For this, we had to employ a Shopify app (using a free 30-day trial) that allows pre-orders natively.  This allowed us to create awareness of a soon-to-be-launched product and also test the waters even before the actual product drop and without any additional costs. 

Normally, we would bundle up various products within a single campaign but for this campaign, we only focussed on the new launch. We had a single-point agenda for the campaign. Build up hype for the new product.

But here’s what! The campaign ended up doing more than just building up the hype and fetching revenue beyond any expectations. Here’s how the campaign journey progressed:

Phase 1-  Pre-Order Campaigns

Oct 2nd: First email announcing the pre-order of the limited release socks, fetched 180 orders.

socks brand preorder campaign

We followed up with 3 more preorder emails, changing up things a little. We also added a few more products in the subsequent emails which also sold quite well proving that new products help not only create awareness for new product but also push up the sales of old products. 

Phase 2 – Post product launch

Oct 16, on the day of the actual launch, we enabled a countdown to stress on the limited-ness of the offer


Again, after launch, we sent more re-sends of the same campaign with minor variations but to the same segments.

Within 3 days of the campaign running, it netted an unprecedented, almost 1% of its entire revenue for the entire month!

Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, here’s a screengrab from Klaviyo for the actual metrics of the campaigns:

Email marketing stats

The special part of this campaign was that nearly 75% of the entire revenue from the campaign came from the sale of regular products and rest from the new product launch!

“We personally think that it shows the customer that we are innovating as a brand and not just being a boring one-product brand. It wakes them up and makes them want to purchase more even if they ain’t necessarily [sic] buying the new product that’s dropped”, says the CEO of the brand about the campaign. We couldn’t have expressed it better.

Lessons for ecommerce brands and marketers from this case study:

✅ Do launch new products every once in a while. Once in a month is good. People like brands that keep innovating and keep things exciting.

✅ Rehash old products along with new products as the fresh intake of traffic on new products also helps push sales of old products.

✅ Revisit your vision and brand story and bake it into your emails with every new launch as new audience may be receiving it for the first time.

✅ Campaign resends are not only important but crucial for email marketing success. The average resend fetches 20% more revenue than the original.

✅ Do test out pre-orders for new products as they help you not only build hype, but enable you to test the waters and plan your inventory beforehand.


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