3 Years Of Hustler Marketing: From An Apartment In Barcelona To A 60+ People Remote Email Marketing Agency

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Happy 3 to us!

Three years ago, we officially started our journey as an email marketing agency that was open for business!  We didn’t set out to break out in the rising world of ecommerce. We set out to power those who do.

From the kitchen of a Barcelona apartment to now having a team of over 60 from over 27 unique countries, working with 80+ clients, to say we have come so far, so soon would be an understatement.

It feels like only yesterday we worked with a handful of clients who placed their faith in a bunch of youngsters with their budding ecommerce startups. These were ecommerce empires-to-be and small stores that we pulled out all the stops to make sure we delivered for. Our CEO often personally wrote the copy, our current HR head moonlighted as an email strategist and designer, and every person in the then-small company hustled hard to grow both the company as well as the client’s revenue. We weren’t perfect, but we did everything to get there.

We learnt all that there was to know about email, marketing, ecommerce, and email marketing for ecommerce. Along the way, rather early on, we learnt several lessons,  made several hard decisions, we faced a number of setbacks, but we knew we were on to something. We knew better than to give up. So we strode on, learnt from our mistakes, did things differently, did things better, and turned them around. Our clients loved our work, they told people about us, and got us more clients. Even to this day, most of our new business comes from our existing and even past clients’ endorsement of our work and to which we’re ever thankful. We chose Klaviyo as our email marketing platform, and within a year we were not only officially a partner, but we jumped levels to now a Platinum Premium Klaviyo Partner. (Only 11 email marketing agencies in the world share this honour.)

This post would be incomplete without the following words from our HR team:

“Three years of pure hustle, focus, determination, mistakes, failed and successful projects, new clients coming in, old clients leaving, adjustments, change, growth, growth, growth! Growth in so many ways! 
Growth from a team of 2 (Bostjan & Olin) to a team of over 60 from over 27 countries from all around the globe!
Growth from a bunch of clients paying a couple of thousand $$ to working with 80+ clients providing different services to them and making their lives easier through our exceptional service!
Growth from Account Managers doing everything themselves (Copy, Design, Klaviyo work, strategy, etc) to now having an amazing team of Designers, Copywriter, Klaviyo Experts working like a symphony to deliver incredible results!
Growth from Bostjan doing all the work himself (HR, Sales, Marketing, etc) to now having amazing HR, Sales, Marketing, Service, and Research & Development departments with inspiring Head leaders paving the way!”

How can we talk about our growth without the people who power it behind the scenes? We have grown from one man’s vision to a 60+ company. Some joined us at 18, most in the beginning of their careers and some even at 48, and most still with us. We may be separated by countries, time zones, native languages, cultures, but united by a shared mission to be the best damn email marketers in the world, an inherent hustle, an amazing work culture, and of course the “Get Shit done!” Hustler hoodie! 

We have never had an office, we don’t believe in suits and ties, endless presentations, or client lunches. But what we do believe in is delivering results. We set the store by doing business honestly, smartly, and with a lot of heart.

We’re all that we are thanks to our clients’ unflinching trust in us, our people’s dedication and hard work, our CEO’s exemplary vision and leadership, and of course the 24/7 Hustle.

We are Hustler Marketing. Proudly, fully, and with all our heart.

(And yes, some of us still work out of our kitchens.)

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