? ? $0 to $206k From Email in 90 Days, Despite Spam Problems ??

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?Imagine you’re successfully selling a line of problem-solving products for people who actually need them. 

Your store is doing good, and you’re kind of a traffic driving wizard in your own right ?‍♂️, but you can’t seem to get enough repeat buyers or sell to enough people even with retargeting. 

You’ve been trying to use email for months now, ‘cause of its high conversion and profit margins, but you’re just not getting anything from it. Open rates are low, and you can’t even cover your costs. You know it’s possible to make it work, all your friends in mastermind groups are praising it… but you just can’t seem to make those gears turn. ⚙️

So you ask for help… and find out that your precious “Jon Doe from Awesome Shop” emails have only been read by algorithms of popular email services and then sent straight to spam. ?

? And now my POV starts. ?‍?

I come in, listen to your pains, fears, dreams, and desires and make a plan for you. We agree to start digging deep and get you that extra profitable email practice you need. 


? Day 1 Situation – March 18th, 2019 ?

Because of the spam situation, you couldn’t send regular emails or activate your key flows in fear that your sending reputation will get so damaged that you could never get it back. So you had a break from sending and those extra few grand a month dimmed down to zero.  


  • Last 30 Days of Email Marketing (Klaviyo Analytics)

A significant portion of your emails go straight to spam, and that’s not even counting the spam complaints, bounces and generally low open rates that go with this. 

Half of your Gmail list going to spam, plus Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo were also at about 25-45% in Spam. Knowing that Gmail makes up about half of the average email lists, this is a real problem. How we did it in 90 Days


?‍? What We Did During These 90 Days ?️

#1 // We fixed spam top to bottom by: 

  • Fixing the sending domain authentication
  • Activating and verifying Google Postmasters
  • Stopping all emails being sent in bulk or with too general segmentation
  • Creating new segments of only the highest engaged people and planning out plain-text campaigns to engage them. 
  • We created completely new opt-in practices for new website traffic, content readers and cart abandoners. We also made sure to train people to open emails first before receiving the promised value. ?
  • We started writing original, brand related, value-driven content to use for the new blog and for our Newsletter emails. 
  • And most importantly we focused all emails on the needs of the reader. This sounds totally natural but is actually the widest spread mistake I see in email marketing for e-com. 

#2 // We Made a Flow System With Hierarchy and Purpose:

  • Each flow has a place in this system depending on the Customer Lifecycle


The basic gist of Flow Hierarchy is that you can’t just turn on a bunch of unrelated flows without figuring out their targeting and timing first. It’s like a puzzle and every flow is a piece that has its own place. 

For example, the discount ladders are used more and offer higher discounts in Flows that are later in the Customer Lifecycle. That would be the Post Purchase for 2nd or 3rd-time buyers or the VIP flow. 


#3 // Special Sale Events:

  • We picked specific holidays that go hand-in-hand with the brand’s identity and mission. The Sale Events were pre-planned and addressed each important segment with special attention. We created a pre-sale to get the people excited and make them willingly enter a special list if they’re planning to make use of the Sale. 
  • We segmented 3-4 different types of subscribers and had special offers for each based on the point of their customer journey and level of engagement in the specific Sale Event. All of those subscribers got around 10 emails over those few days. 



Day 90 Situation – June 18th, 2019


So here is what we accomplished by Day 90…

You’re getting 17% extra revenue from email (and this revenue usually has a significantly higher profit margin?) and you have an average of 24% open rates and 3.25% click rates.

Your cool “Jon Doe from Awesome Shop” emails are not going to spam anymore and you are completely free to focus on new products and big-picture strategies. 


  • The Results We Made The First 90 Days of Our Service (Month 3 Trends)


Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me any questions you might have! 


Stanislav Miljanović, Hustler Marketing

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