3-day, $9k in Promo With Email: Breakdown of Email Marketing Elements

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No long ass content post this time. Just a pure breakdown of actual strategies that racked up $9000~ for a client from a single promo from email marketing. Every single one of them deserves a post on its own (check my older posts on the blog) I probably wrote about it before).

Email marketing 9k campaign breakdown

Here’s a few elements from this Email Campaign:

  1. Multi-day promotion instead of single-day blast.
  2. Initial stages were split-tested.
  3. Highly segmented sending: firstly hot list, then active buyers, active non-buyers, non-active buyers, non-active non-buyers.
  4. Not annoying: people who opened 1st email got only 1 more. People who didn’t open 1st email got two more.
  5. The inclusion of non-active segments in a way that drives sales but DOES NOT harm deliverability too much.
  6. Re-sending to non-openers once.
  7. Proper naming of campaigns to avoid confusion (actually messed up the name on last email haha, but subscribers can’t see that).
  8. You can’t see that but I used a “different” offer, fixed $$ off instead of %. It adds up to exactly the same, but looks & feels different. I wrote about this last time, check it.

How did the email look like? Very basic. Company header, footer, promo banner 600px x 600px with a call to action, 2 paragraphs of text and a button. Last day had a timer too. 

Btw, this is a roughly 50k email list. There are roughly 15k people that are emailed regularly (active/hot). Those people also generated roughly $6,500 of sales. Inactives have been left alone for a while. Actives matter.

We’ve been working on and keeping the list clean for months. If you have a similar number of people on list, there are probably way less active people in it.

Now think about all these strategies, especially about the ones you are not using yet. Time to learn & implement! 

Hope this helps,

P.S Guess how much this promotion cost? About an hour of designer’s time, and 2 hours of my time. I love emails 🙂 

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