?Are your emails heading to spam? [plus how to do a free spam check]?

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I recently started to work with a client, who was surprised to found out that his emails sent to Gmail go straight to the magical kingdom of spam. ?

When you have 200,000 subscribers, and 40% of them are on Gmail, and Gmail thinks your sending domain (you@beststoreevah.com) is a spammer, you have a problem.

? Wait, why are we talking about emails again, this is e-commerce, right? Exactly, you’re driving tons of traffic, and 1% of it converts. It’s about time you convert an additional 10% to email subscribers and then sell to them via email.

You’re probably looking at extra 10-30% total revenue/mo. Yeah, email is cool.

Anyway, ranting here, back to spamz land.

Commenting on the pictures below, you can see how “other” inboxes were sent to 5,000 people, and roughly 1,000 people opened?

Gmail email spam Deliverability problem

1,000 people also opened on Gmail, except it was sent to 10,000 people.


The same email, yet the MASSIVE difference in open rates (10% vs 20%). Do you think knowing this could have dramatic effects on your email revenue too?

Here’s what can tell you if you are in danger:

  • you have a very big email list (100,000 emails +)
  • you are not segmenting your list (buyers vs non-buyers, active vs non-active etc)
  • your open rates are below 10%
  • advanced reports show some inboxes (Gmail, Yahoo…) with WAY lover open rates than others
  • you haven’t done a spam test in age

If at least 2 of those are true for you, you probably have spam issues.

So, ? Since I’m a friendly panda and I want everyone in the emailz land to live happily ever after, here’s how to check your deliverability with a little more certainty, for free (takes 10min btw):

  1. Register on app.glockapps.com (I’m not affiliated)
  2. Start a spam test process there (3 tests are for free)
  3. Create a new list on your email service and copy Glock’s seed email list into it
  4. Paste 1 line of code from Glock into any of your emails, and send it to the new “spam” list
  5. Voila, you’ve just been served.

If you do have spam issues, check out some of my other posts in this group, I was talking about deliverability and how to improve it etc, but google can tell you a lot too. If you just maintain list hygiene and follow best practices, you’ll be fine.

Gmail Gmail email spam Deliverability problem email marketing

Email best practices are kinda like gym and nutrition. You just need some moderate exercise every now and then and not eat like a pig in general, and you’ll be fine. ?

Hope it helps,
Bostjan ??

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