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Black Friday Cyber Monday Ecommerce Store Offer: Get 6+6 BFCM campaigns done end-to-end by Hustler Marketing for just $999

Hey ecommerce store,

Here’s our limited time, exclusive Cyber Week/ BFCM Email Marketing Promo offer for you.

Get all your BFCM focussed email campaigns for just $999!

Did you know that you can earn:


of your entire store’s revenue in just the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) month


of your BFCM revenue from BFCM email campaigns alone


of your BFCM revenue from email marketing alone

In 2020, during the Cyber Month, our
70+ ecommerce clients did!

We drove $5.8 million or 26% of total store revenue from email marketing for our clients during the “Cyber Week” (Thanksgiving/ Black Friday /Cyber Monday week)

The offer will include strategy + design + copy + management for just $999

(Usually costs $2000+)

We get it. BFCM marketing can get intense. There’s all the ad campaigns to manage, extra inventory to focus on,  website crashes, the works! If only you could outsource one major part of it to the experts who get the results every BFCM season! And that part is Email Marketing.

In the BFCM campaign period, we will do the strategy, design, copy, set-up and the management end to end for your store’s email marketing. Think of us as extra helping hands during a very very busy period for your business.

Just sit back and enjoy the revenue!


The fine print: 

  • We send 6 unique campaigns, and 6 resends
  • Depending on your list engagement, the first 2 emails are for list warm-up (meaning limited recipients)
  • The email design is template based customized to your store
  • The emails go out in a 12-14 days period

Hurry up as limited slots available!

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