Thank you for scheduling a call with me. You’re awesome!

Firstly, please consider whether the following applies:

✅You have a good brand with at least 6 months of growth and a minimum of 50k revenue per month.

✅You are happy to stay with Klaviyo or if not already with them, migrate across to Klaviyo within the next 30 days.

✅You are happy to consider outsourcing the design and copy* for your flows and/or campaigns and move to an agency within the next 30 days.

✅You are willing to invest financially in having your flows built/over-hauled and campaigns fully managed (whether all at once or in stages) with the right agency.

✅You have or can acquire the authority to a, provide data and b, make and/or influence a decision in relation to outsourcing your email marketing to an agency.*

*If you require a signed NDA before the call to be able to provide us with data, please let me know and I will send this to you.


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