Taking eternity
from $0 to
$289,00 /mo in email revenue

in just 11 months

Email Marketing

Brings in 40%

 of the store’s revenue

Email Revenue

from $0 to $289k/month

in 11 months (since we came onboard)

Store Revenue


In the last 30 days

We are in 2020 and email is still one of the most powerful tools to get your brand communication across to your customers.

That extra push they need after “Add to Carts”, that extra motivation they need to complete the abandoned purchases and the special feeling they get when they receive those customer loyalty rewards.

At Hustler marketing, that’s exactly what we do with email & content marketing! That’s our jam!

To back up our story, we bring you a case study from one of our existing clients which grew their email revenue from $0 to $289k/month in 11 months – using the power of email alone. And of course, our awesome team and some front-end optimization on the client’s end.

The Background

Based in Vancouver, Eternity Modern is an online furniture store that sells mid-century modern furniture to its variety of customers globally.

Revenue Figures 11 months ago

Overall Store Revenue: $63.27k/mo
Email Revenue: $0

The Challenges

#1 Even with a large customer list, they had little to no resources nor the expertise for implementing backend email flows.

#2 Difficulty in targeting customers at multi-touch points in their marketing funnel.

#3 Hence, the store was struggling to maintain solid ROI.

The Game Plan

Enter Hustler Marketing! Eternity Modern started working with us on July 2nd, 2019.

The low hanging fruit
This is an area where most ecommerce stores literally leave money on the table. You won’t have to do that.

Strategic email flows were set up on the backend for the brand to quickly reengage with their existing customers. With the right messaging in carefully devised email campaigns, we knew we would be able to help reinforce the brand’s unique identity and help improve their existing customer return rate of about 20%.

The approach
We started setting up beautifully crafted email automation, got rid of spam issues to improve deliverability and implemented a 60-day content & promo-based marketing strategy.

“We believe unequivocally that well-considered design improves our lives and is appreciated for generations.”

– Eric, Founder of Eternity Modern

60-Day Content Marketing Strategy

We set up a total of 9 email flows for Eternity Modern. These flows include:

  1. Welcome Flow (pop-up)
    A longer welcome flow to give customers more engaging content with some discounts and reminders. Eight emails over a period of 10 days proved effective here.

  2. Browse Abandonment
    For users who viewed a product but didn’t add it to the cart.

  3. Add to Cart
    For users who added a product to the cart but didn’t start the checkout process.

  4. Add to Cart Pop Up
    A popup window which encourages the ”Add to Cart” audience to complete the purchase.

  5. Cart Abandonment
    Targets people who started check out but didn’t purchase a product.

  6. 7-day Email Sequence:
    A sequence of seven emails over seven days, along with some cool discounts.

  7. Post Purchase Order Count Split
    We used this flow to upsell complementary products and created multiple flows for different product categories. This allowed us to upsell related products.

  8. Special Upsell/Cross-sell Flows
    Bestsellers and other popular products paired with other products with their own upsell flows.

  9. Re-engagement & Win-back Flows
    These helped in bringing unengaged customers back to the store.

The Creatives

The Promotional Emails

We even created promotional templates for them, and we are continuously improving and updating these email designs…

List Management

Besides automated emails (flows), we also started regular nurture and promotional newsletters (campaigns) to the existing list. After setting up and continually updating the 60-day marketing plan, the emails were flying out to the existing list regularly. Whether with Black Friday or new arrivals or editors pick, we’d always find a unique angle to present and promote their breathtaking furniture. This is how emails never get dry and keep subscribers engaged.

A few more notes on campaigns:

  • The frequency of emailing went from roughly 2x a week to about 4x a week over the months, more frequent during big holidays and related promo dates 
  • We made sure to consistently send nurturing content as well. Style, design, home decor, tips that the target customer would want to hear
  • We continually tweak the engaged segment levels on a weekly basis, from 30-day engaged to 365-day engaged, depending on the list response in previous days and the stage in the 60-day marketing plan

Taming the Email Spam Filters

Depending on domain reputation and many other factors, we might use email spam filters (read Gmail) every day. This ensures that your emails are actually hitting the Inbox of your customers. 

No point designing the perfect email with perfect messaging only to find that the emails are hitting the Spam folder of the customers, right?

Here’s a brief of what we did here:

  • We excluded unengaged customers who were using email services with possible spam issues.
  • We started warming up the store’s domain name by sending plain text emails to only the most engaged segments of their list.
  • We used nurturing content to get higher engagement without any hard selling in newsletters.

The Results

  • 40% of the store’s total revenue is now attributed to email marketing.
  • Revenue from email grew from $0 to $80k/mo in just the first three months, which now stands at $289k/mo over a period of 11 months.

Revenue Figures Now (11 months later):

Overall Store Revenue last 30 days: $700k
Email Revenue last 30 days: $289k

Zoom Out

Smooth email automation in place

Once the flows are set up and optimized, there is almost no effort needed to keep the campaigns running. It’s like having an additional support team working for your store – 24*7, 365 days/year.

More budget for Brand Awareness

With 40% of all revenue coming from our email efforts and raking in a total of $236k from email, they now have more budget to spend on brand awareness and acquiring new customers.

Emails save you tons of time and effort

Our A-star team of account managers and email experts come with years of proven experience, allowing you and your marketing teams to focus on channeling your efforts into other meaningful strategies and building more business opportunities.

Let’s Grow Together

Are you ready for your store to a whole new level using email automation and add more revenue? Get in touch with our team here.

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