Email Marketing
For Your Online Shop

We are a world-class agency for ecommerce businesses that want to grow their revenue by up to 50%

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Book a free email marketing audit call with our experts today to get a health check on your email strategy, and a customised plan that delivers.

* Your eCommerce store must be making $350K+/year to qualify.

Email Marketing
For Your Online Shop

We are a world-class agency for ecommerce businesses
that want to grow their revenue by up to 50%

Book a free email marketing audit call with our experts today to get a
health check on your email strategy, and a customized plan that delivers.

* Your eCommerce store must be making $350K+/year to qualify.

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Done for you

We hustle so you
don’t have to.

More sales

Without more
ad spend.

Average ROI

Our average ROI for clients is 7x month over month.

Millions of emails

We send 17M emails every month.

Our Work

Just a small snapshot of how our emails look like. Behind those awesome visuals, lies a whole framework of strategy, analysis, and data-backed approach towards email marketing.



Hear it directly from those whose businesses we helped grow.

Video Testimonials
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Bjorn - Growbox Niche

“Hustler Marketing’s done a great job in helping us grow even during the pandemic.”

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Max - Watch Niche

“Hustler took my store from $10k/mo to $70k/mo in just 3 months.”

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Dennis - Beauty Niche

“Total revenue has increased from 5% to 17% now, and it’s constantly rising.”

Email Marketing​
Case Studies

Read about the ecommerce stores who increased their revenues exponentially from email marketing with Hustler Marketing.

P.S: You might just discover some of our trade secrets!

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Our Services

What to expect from our email marketing experts when you work with us:

A complete audit

of current email marketing pratices

We’ll assess your current email marketing assets and data, and deliver a strategy based on what currently works best in your industry to get the highest performance possible in week 1.

New email strategy

With a hands-off launch

Upon your approval, we will launch the email campaigns and automated emails flows so you don’t have to hire extra staff or put in weeks of work. We have you covered.

Advanced segmentation

With campaign testing for maxing profit

We will look deeply into campaign performance data every week and use existing processes to determine optimal send frequency, targeting and which offers to run to maximize your list profitability

Value optimization

Of your customer lifetime

We will analyze your customer behavior and set up corresponding automated email sequences. Welcome, cart abandon, add to cart, browse abandon, re-engagement, re order, VIP.

Referrals and reviews

For new product validation

We can help you optimize and improve testing and launching products. Additionally, we can help you engage your VIPs & High Spenders, creating surveys, asking for referrals and reviews.

Peak season

Email marketing

In some niches, 75% of sales come during the peak season. We will optimize your email marketing based on proven campaigns tailor-made for this season.

Our Team

The OG Hustler​
The Original. The Mastermind. The Firestarter. Everyday, Bostjan’s enthusiasm and razor-sharp work ethic catches the rest of the team ablaze. He leads with a tireless drive, a fearless vision, and a fun-loving, caring attitude that truly wants to see everyone succeed—both inside the company and out.

HR Director

Hard working and organised, Olin is relentless in his efforts to maintain nothing less than high standards and work ethic. If there's one thing that Olin loves more than travelling around the globe and working, it's taking care of his team and watching them grow. He's also said that when it comes to HM, he was first one to join and will be the last one to leave. GG.

Service Director

The General
The service team is the heart and soul of Hustler Marketing, it’s where our emails come from. Akos’s super power is ensuring a top-notch performance for all of our clients while deeply caring about each and every player in the team. His leadership style is empowering and occasionally hands-on.

Sales & Partnerships Director

The Multifaceted Star
How to create a great sales leader? Add a bit of strategy, tactical skills, and mastery in teamwork. Having worked in some of the leading agencies in India for more than a decade, her experience across multiple facets of digital marketing make her a star fit in Hustler Marketing. When she’s not hustling, you can find her sipping hot chai tea and binge watching cute elephant videos.

Finance Director

The Bright-Eyed Adventurer
Vlasta brings enthusiasm, optimism, and energy to the team. Our finance director breathes organization and perseverance. In addition to being a financial mastermind, Vlasta enjoys leading a sporty lifestyle–her favorite sport being horseback riding! In her free time, she makes sure to travel as much as she can.

Head of Account Managers

The Smiling Superwoman
Susanna comes to HM with a great sense of humor, fantastic communication and legendary leadership skills! Word around the campfire is her middle name might be "Incredible-Superwoman" because of how she pulls everything off so smoothly. (Maybe because she never sleeps?) Nothing makes Susanna happier than cats and pizza, especially when paired together!
Brenda Z

Account Managers Lead

The Music Lover
Brenda sees opportunities where no one else does, thanks to her creative mind. Her ambitious mindset makes her a workaholic, but it makes her that much better of a team player! One of her passions is listening to music, but it's not just to enjoy; it also enhances her productivity 10-fold!

Account Managers Lead

The Laid-Back Dynamo
Marko's mantra 3-step process to being a boss? "Implement, Feedback, Growth." He loves to make work fun while taking his clients' results & team's growth seriously. No matter how critical the feedback, Marko is an exceptional learner and excels at implementing new ideas while standing behind his team. When he isn't taking charge in HM, Marko loves to stroll and appreciate nature with his family.

Account Managers Lead

The Magnifying Glass
Need your email marketing account examined in detail? Stefan will leave no stone unturned! It won't be long until you’ll know everything you need to do to exponentially grow your email marketing revenue. Of course it's easy when you eat, breath and sleep email marketing like Stefan. He's always looking to improve himself and the results of his clients. In his free time he likes to get lost deep into the woods and enjoy all the colors and sounds around him.
Marina T

Account Managers Lead

The Insomniac Optimist
Marina's most distinctive trait has to be her shining joy. She's cheerful and confronts every situation with the certainty that there's a solution. During her downtime, she likes to go deep into writing or painting - which can go on for hours on end until I realize it's the middle of the night and she should probably go to sleep.

Account Manager Associate Lead

The Results Getter
For Pearl, the only thing more satisfying than learning new things is working together with a team to help clients get stellar results! When she's not hard at work hustling, Pearl goes into a state of zen through meditation, followed by a nicely brewed tea with a dash of ginger or cinnamon.

Head of Copywriters

Carrie is a digital copywriter with over 15 years of experience. Her forte is adding magic to anything related to digital marketing with her amazing power of creating great copy. She is the linchpin for every copywriter on her team, and helps them to reach their full potential. When she’s not working, you’re likely to find her dabbling with words in another way like doing a crossword or getting lost in a crime novel.

Designers lead

The Passionate Architect
Team player Daniela, always strives to deliver her best work while making improvements along the way! Her architecture background provides her and her clients with a different perspective of things that can be added and improved in all designs. She loves tapping into her creative side with music & art.

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* Your eCommerce store must be making $350K+/year to qualify.