SMS Marketing
Can Improve
Your Financials

- Here's How

A Look at SMS ROI Over a 3 Month Period.

SMS Marketing
Can Improve
Your Financials

- Here's How

A Look at SMS ROI Over a 3 Month Period.

Your audience has their mobile phones in their hands -and it’s in your hands to take advantage of that.

SMS marketing is a powerful, efficient and productive way to reach your target market.

The best part? It’s cost effective and yields an impressive return on investment.

Let’s take a closer look.

Retainer Clients
vs One-Time Setup

Talk to us about the best
fit for your business.

We have packages to suit your every need. Our Retainer Clients on a recurring monthly fee benefit from a host of services such as flow setup and flow optimization, as well as campaign setup and management. Whereas other clients may prefer to opt for the One-Time Setup of flows.

Client ROI

Return On Investment is calculated on a month-on-month basis, not including the previous month. The most stable and reliable way to increase your ROI each month is through a monthly retainer. This gives Hustler Marketing the opportunity to not only set up your flows, but also optimize them as well as run your campaigns .

We Can Increase Your ROI by
an Average of 204% in Less than 3 Months

In just 3 Months – our clients see an average of
14.3x (1430%) return on investment.

We work with both clients who have previously used SMS as a marketing tool, and those who haven’t.

It’s important to bear in mind that clients who start from a base of no previous SMS activity may see a slightly lower ROI in the first month but will quickly catch up.

*ROI is calculated using the formula: Total SMS Revenue/All costs. Above information based on current SMS pricing.

Campaigns + Flows =

Winning Combo!

We grow our clients revenue by

221% in 3 months

On average our clients see almost 13% of their store
revenue being generated via SMS – that’s an impressive 221% increase in just three months.

Close to 3% of that growth in revenue is generated by SMS campaigns, while 9% growth is attributed to flows.

Being on retainer is the easiest way to access this winning growth strategy.

One Time Setup
Client ROI

A One Time Setup is a good place to start if you are looking to test the waters and see how SMS can benefit your company.

We guarantee that after a taste of the ROI SMS can bring, you will be hooked.

Average Revenue Generated from
One Time Setup

Every company’s journey is different, and their growth will reflect that.
Our One Time Setup clients traditionally start from a base of zero previous
SMS marketing. This often yields a high ROI in the first few months.

The ROI is calculated cumulatively, here is the formula for the ROI calculation: Month 2 ROI: (Month 1 Rev + Month 2 Rev)/(Costs for sending for Month 1 + 2 + Fixed initial fee.

*Above information based on current SMS pricing.

From a one month Initial Strategy Development to Ongoing Optimization Management, Hustler Marketing has packages to suit both your budget and your needs.

Speak to us today about the best
way forward for your business.