Hustler marketing has been growing VERY fast. In fact, you might have seen me pitching my services 7 or 8 months ago…
Well, now we’re 6 copywriters/account managers, 4 mentees and 3 translators. A near-mid 6-figure company on the way to reach 7-figures/mo within 6 months.

If you want something exciting, challenging and packed with responsibility, please do read on…

Now, let’s get you hooked. So what exactly is in it for you?

– Fully remote position (you do your own time)
– An army of young & talented marketers executing your strategies
– Working in a HIGHLY developing niche – exclusively email marketing for Ecommerce (we are literally pioneering this niche, and you will be able to create a name & legacy for yourself here)
– You do You – I don’t care how you do it, as long as you deliver
– Fancy paycheck that will depend largely on your results… starts at $3,000/mo + massive bonuses.
– The ability to have calls in your underwear and to say fuck as much as you wish (even to clients)

If this didn’t spark your attention, you’re probably as dead as a high horse. We don’t need you. If this sounds too good to be true… it’s not.

HOWEVER, It’s not going to be easy to get it. It’s not going to be an easy job. But screw easy.

Nothing meaningful has ever been built with easy.

Here’s what you need to deliver – 4 main deliverables:

Take over ALL team strategic communication & supervision (2h/day)

Take over & lead ALL high-level marketing communication with clients (30min/day)
(team does most of communication, you just jump in if they get stuck)

Increase client email revenue for majority (at least 70%) of the clients by 5%/2k/noticeable amount each month, month by month (got juice?)

Daily operations/deadlines are being observed as per client’s 60-day plan

Here are a few things you will need:

– strong team leadership & organization skills (you need past experience of managing projects with several people)
– strong client communication skills (you need past experience of working with 6-figure and 7-figure clients)
– strong Ecommerce email marketing skills (or VERY strong general email marketing skills) You will hit the ground running, no babysitting
– expertise in Klaviyo (or at least massive expertise in a number of other autoresponders)

Here’s what immediately disqualifies you:

– you don’t have experience in the above (a little bit here or there could be missing, but 90% at least)
– you want to start your own company within the next 2 years
– you’re a little bitch that just cares about money

My last few words are straight from the heart. This is real. No corporate bullshit, no suits and ties, no 9-5, no degrees needed. If you can deliver and if you’re on top of your shit, you’re with us. End of story.

We’re delivering insane results for our clients. We’re literally helping business owners make 10,30,50k a month more, each month. That’s exciting. We move fast and have crazy ideas.

The email marketing niche for Ecom is SUPER exciting, new technology is being developed all the time, and the amount of data & tools available to your marketing brain is endless.

If you get excited about all this, it’s probably a good sign. Send an email to (and like this post). Subject line of the email should be “I got the juice.” No FB messages or other channels plz, I won’t see it.

In the email, I need to see 2 things:

– a 2-4min “selfie” video talking about why you are the right fit and about your experience
– half a page about your experience on similar projects

If you refer someone, and I hire them (and they stay more than a month), I will send you $1,000. They just have to mention your name on the interview.

I’m getting super excited to meet you,