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How would you like 34% more revenue?

Without any extra ad spend…

What would happen if every person who clicked on one of your ads and gave you their email, spent $1 extra in your store?

We make that happen.
With customized email programs that shatter industry benchmarks.

Are you ready to handle $1m in extra orders?

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We help Shopify stores grow sustainable, consistent revenue month after month using Email.

By now, you will have experienced just how much goes into creating a successful Shopify store.

That, whatever some online course or guru preaches, there’s no magic pill for eCommerce success.

It’s so easy to leave part of your business behind. To not make the most out of every tool at your disposal.

And most of the time, it’s email marketing that falls by the wayside.

Email increases the lifetime value of your customers. It turns your average customer into a repeat customer and boosts your revenue without the need for any extra ad spend.

So why not hire the experts?

We’re a team of 50+ dedicated email marketing professionals with experience building super-segmented campaigns and setting up insanely profitable flows.

And every month, we generate our clients an average of 7x our fee in new revenue.

I’d say that’s a pretty good reason, wouldn’t you?

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Why Hustler Marketing?

Hi, I’m Bostjan, the founder of Hustler Marketing.

When I first started offering email marketing services, I quickly realized that Shopify stores were not getting the most out of their email.

In fact, I quickly realized that I could generate Shopify stores more than $1million in additional revenue simply by optimizing their email marketing!

So we started Hustler Marketing.

But we didn’t want to tie you into a long, expensive contract. There are many other things that can impact an eCommerce store and we understand the pressures that you come under when ad accounts are blocked, or inventory is lost.

Which is why you pay month to month.

Want to cancel? Just let us know.

Not many do, though.

Which means that in the past year, we’ve grown from a skeleton team of 4 email marketing experts to more than 50 dedicated team members ready to make your email marketing take off!

Hire us for our RESULTS

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Our average RoI for a client is 7x, month after month
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We send more than 2.5million emails every month
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Our advanced segmentation generates extreme email growth
I was referred to Hustler by the CEO of a well respected Facebook partner company. I interviewed two other much larger email agencies, but after talking with Bostjan, I was convinced he’d overdeliver. Email revenue is already over $100,000 per month and climbing. They seamlessly handled our switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and created our flows all from scratch. They increased our open rates from 7% to 30%, and dramatically improved our deliverability by reducing our spam scores. Now they’re translating our flows into 13 different languages to squeeze out even more. These are world class people who take pride in their tireless work and drive significant ROI for us at a crazy a multiple of their monthly retainer. We’re thrilled with the team at Hustler!
Ryan, BlendJet CEO

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