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List Hygiene
Marko Kojadinovic

Using Profile Property Buttons

  The strength of email marketing is its ability to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Websites can’t do that. Social posts can’t do that. Blogs can’t do that. But emails can, if you collect the right data. Here’s how.   Profile Property Buttons: The Why 🖮   Not

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Sócrates Lozano

Send to More People & Profit (Easy Hack)

Expand segments, maintain deliverability and reach more people, the smart way.   So you decide to walk the path of light: no blasting of your entire list, but, instead, preserving your deliverability. Even improving it. Or, at least, saving it.                                                                                    You’ve already segmented engaged customers. It’s much smaller than your full list, but it guarantees

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