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1 Simple Hack To Decrease Spam Complaints

👮 Decrease Spam Complaints By Excluding People That Are Inside Flows From Campaigns 🚫 When it comes to sending emails to a certain list, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. That would be deliverability, expected open and click rates, and amongst some other things, spam complaints. 👻Getting the emails into spam

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Freeing Yourself from the Spam Folder’s Chokehold

    You just started taking email marketing for your store seriously… 👮‍♂️ You used to simply send promos to your entire list and hope for the best. But the best never came. Instead Open Rates gradually declined and you found yourself sending more and more emails to make less and less money per send. 

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How to Reach Gmail’s Inbox Consistently

What if all your emails are heading straight to spam? 🤔 And Gmail lands in Spam?     📧 Gmail judges you based on your recipients’ reactions   Gmail surpassed long-time heavyweight champion Apple Mail earlier this year. That makes it now the most popular inbox provider with nearly a 30% market share. Because of

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Much is said about avoiding the spam folder and ways to improve deliverability. 📬Every marketer wants to be read, or else any effort in delivering engaging content is in vain. Even though spam traffic worldwide has been decreasing for the past years, more than half of all email today is still spam.⚠️ If you want

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